One of the most popular online competitive shooters, the counter strike series has been a staple for FPS players worldwide. CSGO, the latest iteration of the game aimed to be just that and delivered one of the most competitive games with their ranked matchmaking system. Ranked matchmaking brought the level of competitiveness one expected when they used to go for LANs and tournaments, to something that all casual players at home could enjoy. Every player were categorized according to their ranks, ranging from lower ranks like Silver Elite, Gold Nova to higher ranks like LEM or SMFC. Every player in CSGO tend to play and achieve a higher rank, the one they have or got calibrated at. However, it can be seen that many players these days buy Gold Nova accounts, just for the purpose of playing ranked matches.

Many CSGO players in their pursuit to become a high-ranking CSGO player often face a lot of hackers on the way. Not even prime matchmaking is safe these days as people find hackers even in prime matches. This phenomena doesn’t go away but only increases as more and more hackers can be found populating the matchmaking pool at higher ranks like Legendary Eagle or above. As a result, people prefer buying CSGO accounts of different, lower ranks depending on how far they can go to avoid playing with or against hackers and just enjoy ranked.

Why Should CSGO Players choose to buy Gold Nova Accounts as a way of Playing Ranked?

  1. One of the most common things that many players notice while playing competitive games like CSGO or any other game like DOTA is that there is an unusually high number of cheaters and hackers. Valve, the developers of CSGO have tried out many measures to curb this hacking menace that has been affecting the players, but nothing has stopped this from troubling the CSGO community.
  2. CSGO players who are at a higher rank like DMG, Legendary Eagle, SMFC, etc. almost find a hacker every two or three ranked matches. This way, they lose all the chances and motivation to win more ranked matches, since they simply can’t win enough to rank up. Moreover, they might lose one too many matches and end up getting deranked instead.
  3. At such a point, if CSGO players want to continue playing ranked and not having to stop to play matches on FaceIT or SoStronk, then they must buy Gold Nova Accounts. By buying CSGO accounts of a lower rank, you would be able to circumvent this problem of hackers ruining your ranked matches, and also be able to maintain your rank in the game.
  4. The reason why opting to buy Gold Nova accounts works is because of the simple fact that there are a lot less cheaters in the Gold Nova matchmaking pool than at higher ranks. The logic behind this is simple: Hackers who don’t get caught and banned, tend to win more ranked matches and simply rank up to a higher rank. That’s why the chances of running into a hacker significantly increases as one moves up the rank ladder.

Any player who wants to avoid facing off against hackers, and instead, just enjoy the fun of playing ranked in CSGO, must buy CSGO accounts at lower ranks like Silver Elite or Gold Nova. By choosing to buy Gold Nova accounts, CSGO players can rest assured that they will enjoy a smooth, pristine gaming experience.