Your teeth may lose function and their aesthetics as a result of an accident or due to aging. Advancement in dental technology makes it possible for your teeth to be strengthened using veneers. Your smile’s appearance can be enhanced regardless of whether you want a complete smile makeover or a replacement of a few teeth. Gentle Touch Dental PC can help if you are looking to have veneers in Falls Church.

Although there are many benefits that come with veneers, people have misconceptions about the procedure. Here we unearth these falsehoods to give you a clear picture of the procedure.

Myth 1: Veneers are Not Natural Looking

Most people confuse veneers with the artificial-looking “Hollywood smile,” common with celebrities. However, this is not true since the dental team at Gentle Touch Dental PC has put the following measure to ensure you get authentic results:

  • Your dentist works with you and the lab technicians when deciding about the shade of color that will complement that of your natural teeth.
  • The number and shape of veneers required are determined by your smile line and shape of your face. Your dentist will advise on what looks good on you and minor imperfections can be corrected to give you the best results.

 Myth 2: They Have Many Side Effects

It is common for you to experience some side effects after going for cosmetic or general dentistry work. However, porcelain veneers’ placement has minimal side effects since the procedure is minimally invasive and the treatment is generally conservative. Among the most common minor side effects you can experience are:

  • Minor discomfort on the area worked on after the anesthetic starts to wear off. The use of painkillers is enough to ease this pain.
  • Minor risk of dental damage on the dentin can occur when the enamel is being removed. Your doctor at Gentle Touch Dental PC gives attention to detail to ensure this does not happen.
  • Teeth misalignment can affect your bite. Your doctor takes care when they bond your teeth to ensure you get a perfect bite similar to or better than before your visit.
  • Your doctor will provide you with provisional temporary teeth before fitting your veneers. You may experience temporary sensitivity when using these temporary veneers, but this will abate after the final veneers are fitted.

Myth 3: Veneers Will Weaken My Teeth

There is a false perception among people that porcelain veneers weaken teeth. On the contrary, veneers help strengthen your teeth. The fine pieces of ceramics are chemically bonded to your teeth, which does away with the need to cut out your teeth’ structure. Veneers make your teeth resistant to wear and breakages.

Myth 4: My Veneers Will Last Forever

Nothing lasts forever, and veneers are no different. Porcelain veneers last 10-12 years. Routinely paying a visit to your dentist for check-up and examination can help extend your veneers’ lifespan. Regular visits help identify veneer de-bonds in a good time. We have had cases where veneers, under proper care, last for up to 20 years, but expecting them to last forever is not realistic.

To find out if veneers are right for you, schedule a consultation with Gentle Touch PC. At your consultation, your team spends some time examining your smile, as well as discussing your treatment goals with you.

If they determine that veneers are the best option for you, they set up another appointment, during which they create a mold of your upper and lower teeth, and send it, along with photos and your pertinent dental records, to a dental lab.

Book a consultation with your doctor to learn more about veneers.