Connecting with client is one of the most important concerns for any Business enterprise. Due to one reason or another sometimes the owner uses his personal number as Business Phone Number which can invite conflicts and insufficiency in life as business and personal are two different fields of one’s life. Your personal information can put your life at risk allowing the wrong kind of persons to use your personal information in wrong way. Almost all the big companies use proper security measures for their data security, Business phone number can provide you this security. You can feel free of the threat and preserve your personal data from cybercrime by using a business phone number instead of using your personal number. Having a business phone number keeps your personal number out of spotlight hence decreasing the threat of exposing your personal data and avoiding the hackers, scammers etc. from stealing your data.

One more problematic point is the robocalls, automated calls from different marketing companies which can clog your personal number if you use it as the customer line. Having a business phone number with automated receptionist lets you avoid such calls and puts them in black list automatically for future. Blocking the spam calls and robocalls clears the line for the customers to get through and in providing them with best service.

Business phone number can also provide you with ease and disruptive free life because you do not have to worry about someone stealing your data like banking data, digital money data etc. and also providing your customer with a permanent number for your business so that any customer doesn’t have to hassle much in case you change your personal number and using the same for business. Using different number for business and private affairs gives you freedom and relaxing personal life as well as much better customer service from your end to the customers.

In case, you and your employees are using their personal phone number in dealing with customers then a control over business is lost somewhere because you won’t be able to keep a track of all your business calls from different departments of your business under one server. You will never know how your employees deal with your customers and how they handle a delicate situation as you have no control over that part of business and thus you are willing destroying your business. Having a business phone number makes all the business under one roof, you can receive the customer call to any of your branch, any of your department allowing you to contain the data under one server, one eye. You can transfer a call, add a call and drop a call, which lets you give the best customer service to the customers.

Therefore, these are the reasons, which tell you why your business needs a business phone number and why you should not use your personal number to handle the business calls. Business phone number with a cloud phone and automated receptionist can give you more and more opportunities because you never miss a call; you are always available to your customer.