The field of recreational management focuses primarily on the skills needed for facilities management, therapy, and environmental cleanliness. Ideally, candidates to work in this field will look to help others, as they emphasize the participation of others in programs. What makes recreational management a special field is the diversity of programs you can get yourselves involved in. Whether it be business oriented or concepts of anatomy and physiology, there is a versatile set of places to work. Here are a few examples.

Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapists renew a patient’s passion for life through assorting leisure activities specifically suited to the needs of each individual. Usually, you can find recreational therapists in schools, medical facilities, and medical facilities. The ultimate goal is to assist patients to adjust their lives when affected by a disease, injury or disability. If you work in recreational therapy, your duties will vary based on where you are centered. If you work in an educational establishment, then your priority will focus on the development of students as they grow and increase in age. If it is a medical facility, then you will be assisting in the rehabilitation process. It is a very rewarding field that allows you to get personally involved in the lives of others. You will be able to see first-hand the profound impact you can have.

Sport and Fitness Nutritionist

If you have interests in nutrition and sports training, this may be a great opportunity for you. A sport and fitness nutritionist is responsible for teaching athletes and other fitness enthusiasts about ways they can improve their health, maximize their performance and properly manage their weight. Workers in this industry work in a wide set of fields. As you can imagine, like many pool financing companies, you will be working directly with the clients. Work can be done indoors, outdoors, in gyms and in other fitness centers. If a client happens to play a specific sport, you can help them develop their skills. There is also a business aspect that will see you function most commonly as a fitness director or an agent. Here, you plan sessions, work on budgets, and review contracts.

Amusement Park Manager

You may have grown up seeing signs that you are not tall enough to ride a certain ride at an amusement park. However, if you choose to go down the recreation management path, you can go on any ride you choose for a lifetime as you can manage the entire place. This job focuses importance on being able to manage other people, delivering great service and directing operations. Health and safety regulations will also be expected out of you because with amusement parks, there are many incidents that involve faulty manufacturing that can cause serious injury or worse to customers.

Cruise Ship Captain

Have you ever been on a cruise for a vacation? Well, there is a captain behind the cruise, and it is their job to ensure the safe operation of the cruise, as well as making sure the passengers and travel are safe. If you have an appeal to boats, naval science and travel, then being a captain may be down your alley.

Park Ranger

Park rangers have a strict duty of ensuring historical sites, state parks, and protected areas of wildlife can be enjoyed by onlookers for future generations. This can be in the form of working in visitor services or law enforcement. Depending on whether you want to serve in a state, municipal or national park, the scope of your specific duties may vary. However, it is a very rewarding field that has a lot of advantages over other fields in recreational management.

As you can see, the field of recreational management is very diverse in its opportunities. There are many jobs to accommodate many skills. Remember this as you continue in your search!