Art is the best way to express and expose creativity. The kids learn, develop skills, and have fun when they are provided with the opportunity for artistic expression. There are several creative activities including coloring, painting, writing, music, and making crafts. Painting and coloring with the color pencils and crayons make the best form of creative expression. It helps children to articulate their thoughts and feelings. Color Swell provides bulk art supplies for teachers, kids, camps, and parties to create a wonderland of colors.

Wonders in colors

Kids have no seven wonders. They find wonders in everything they see. They love to make use of color pencils and crayons to fill their world with colors. Teachers and parents love the coloring activities of the kids and there is nothing more to bring a lot of happiness and excitement for them. Color Swell is well aware of the fantasies of the kids and provides exciting collections in colored pencils, markers, watercolors and more to create their world. Make the camps and birthday parties colorful than ever before. Get exclusive products for the junior artists to visualize an imaginary paradise under the sky.

Great value for what you pay

Fantastic art supplies come in vibrant colors to invite and inspire artists of all ages. All of the products are made with excellent quality and affordable when compared to other brands. The products from Art Swell are long-lasting and of great value for what you pay. Bulk purchases at unbeatable pricing make it economical for schools and teachers to use them in educational settings.

Exciting and excellent rages

Well-designed store provides exciting and excellent collections in art products including art boxes and mixed packs, crayons colored pencils, erasers, markers, and watercolors. There are also variety of featured items based on the requirements, feedbacks, and suggestions made by the happy customers including customers of popular online market places, non-profit organizations, teachers, and parents.

New life for underprivileged children

This is what makes Color Swell entirely different from other brands. They are not just the art supplies providers to make a profit. They have teamed up with several non-profit and charity organizations engaged in helping, inspiring and empowering the underprivileged children. These children lose their right to physical, emotional, and social development and likely to have low self-esteem and depression.

Color Swell donates free art products and money to these children through the organizations to bring new life for them. A part of the profit on every purchase is donated to the children to heal them through art, inspire them through art, empower them through art, and most importantly make them ‘smile with colors’.

Part of the community

Color Swell loves to be a part of the community more than becoming the game-changer in the business of art supplies. They are socially committed and love to work with non-profit organizations, teachers and everyone with a good heart to serve children.

In simple words, the team of Color Swell made of creative designers, artists, and entrepreneurs loves to meet new people with art supplies to make someone’s day with a colorful smile.