Danger is everywhere, and there is no way of avoiding that, except by reducing the risk. Most homeowners focus on immediate dangers like fires, floods, or robberies, but they sometimes overlook the dangers posed by pests like termites. These silent killers can end up costing a homeowner thousands of dollars if ignored. This is even more important now since there seems to be a termite crisis hitting several states. The following are a few tips to save a home from these damaging termites.


One of the most effective ways to prevent a termite infestation is to crack down on defects around your home. Yes, you may think your home is perfect, but there are bound to be imperfections around your home worth paying attention to.

What you want to do is walk around the inside and outside of your house looking for cracks. These imperfections are openings where infestations can start.

You can also hire professional insect and spider control to find these cracks and have them filled. Sometimes all you need is some wall putty though this material is mostly used to deal with hairline cracks or pores on the wall. Those with bigger issues may need the help of a professional.

Get Icky

The next thing you can do is use beneficial nematodes. These are beneficial microscopic worms that invade termite homes and eliminate infestations without causing harm to a house. Granted, this is a natural method, so it only works if the issue is not serious.

Furthermore, the application has to be precise in order to work so contacting a specialist is advisable. Those who do not have an infestation can still use nematodes to prevent one. The application does not cost much, and it does not have to be applied often.

Professional Touch

Those who truly want to make sure their home is not infested by these pests need to hire pest control specialists to deal with them. Termites can cause costly damage to the foundation of a home, roof, or walls in no time. This makes investing in protecting your home not only smart but necessary.

Professionals can help evaluate a home and look for potential points of entrance while closing them, too. Termite exterminators can also help look for signs of a problem, just in case something is brewing. Making sure you have a professional look over your home, especially during the summer when the heat makes these insects desperate, should keep your home free of termites.

Cleanliness Matters

Another thing you can do is make sure the area around your home is always clean. You want to get rid of large pieces of debris, especially cellulose based debris that could attract termites should they be left on your lawn too long. It might also be a good idea to avoid leaving dead branches or similar items around your home.

Making sure that wood-based items are removed, especially when it is raining, is pretty important, too. The combination of wood and water is irresistible to these insects, so they might find this source of food, bringing them that much closer to your home. It does not take long to keep debris off of your land, so this should not be an extraneous task.

These are just some things you can do to protect your home from termites, but there are other steps to take. You can have your foundation re-worked to make sure no wood is touching the ground at any given time. There you have it, now you know that you are not completely powerless against termites as long as you apply yourself.