Is your business not reaching the level of demand that would like? The answer is, of course, better marketing. Don’t get the wrong idea here. We’re not saying that you’re not promoting and marketing your company. In fact, we’re sure you are, but these days it requires more than that. You need a unique hook and something that separates your business from the rest. Let’s face it, there are a lot of companies right now, eager to claim to demand of the same customers. Here are a few unique concepts that could help bring your business out on top.

Social Media Marketing

You should be using some form of social media marketing to promote your company. If we’re honest, we think you already are. We’re sure that you have profiles set up on the biggest networks that are popular right now. We’re referring to the networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These are the big three that need to be used, but there are many more. You have to understand that it’s not enough just to use these networks. You need to use them in creative ways that really allow you to connect with customers. For instance, on Instagram, you must make sure that you are using hashtags and creating topics that could trend. This is a great way to get your business more interest online and a lot more support. On Snapchat, you may want to start posting stories that consumers can find interesting and appealing. A lot of companies have already started to do this.

Partner Up


You may also want to invest in sponsorship marketing. Through sponsorship marketing, you will have a new way to connect with your customers. You’ll be able to create positive association and boost the image of your business. There are numerous ways to go about starting a sponsorship promotion. If you’re interested in gaining local customers, seek out local events and enquire as to whether they would be interested in making a deal. Charities are great organizations to partner up with because they generate a lot of positive buzz. You will also, undoubtedly, catch the attention of the media.

Tech Innovations


There’s a lot of tech on the market right now that you can use to create a brand new type of marketing campaign. For instance, you may want to look into augmented reality marketing. Using augmented reality, consumers can use their phones to allow promotion to come alive. You might print an AR code in your shop window. Once customers click on it, they can access the information that they are interested in, with a visual twist. It will appear on their phone as a moving image, gif or video. You constantly see this type of promotion on packaging for interesting products.

Make Customers Part Of The Promotion


Lastly, you can think about how you can make customers part of the campaign. One possibility you should consider is guerilla promotion. Through guerilla promotion, professional marketers connect with an audience and grab their interest. These guys can be hired to bring fresh interest into your shop or towards your location.