Your skin needs great care in order to look beautiful and bright. There are so many ways in which you can take and have your skin become bright. You can use chemicals or the natural ways which are most recommended avoiding side effects. Some people have sensitive skin which cannot cope with chemicals hence if you have such a skin, you only need to make use, of the natural products such as masks. Dull, uneven skin and a skin full of sun burns really need to be brightened. Do not let the summer or the winter turn your skin completely; rather use natural masks that will make your skin look bright so fast.

The following are 4 natural masks to brighten your skin with;

1. Coconut milk

It has the ability to make one of the best masks that help to reduce dull skin. This mask contains pure coconut oil mixed with lemon. Lemon is a breaching agent hence helps to speed up the process of brightening the skin. You are supposed to apply this bleaching agent once in a week and you will be glad to maintain the brightest skin. Clean your face before you apply the mask, use a dry cotton wool to apply the mask gently on your skin, ensure that the face is fully covered except the eyelashes. Ensure that the mask takes about 15 minutes on the face then clean your skin with clean warm water. You can pat your face to dry or use a clean cotton towel to dry and apply moisturizer.

2. Tomato

Tomato is an easily available skin brightener that comes in cheap price. You most probably have it in your kitchen since it is one of the usual ingredients that you must use while cooking. To make the tomato mask you only need water and a red ripe tomato and peel it. Blend the tomato and add very little water on it to ensure that the mask remains thick. Ensure that your face is clean and then apply the past 3 times in a day. Make sure that it remains untouched for about 15-20 minutes to give it enough time for absorption. Use clean warm water to help clear off the entire mask from your face and rinse thoroughly. After two weeks repeating the same procedure, you will be glad to realize that you have a very bright skin as you had desired.

3. Papaya

It is a very sweet and nutritious fruit available everywhere at a cheap price. Papaya is blend and mixed with cucumber to make a mask. This mask is applied on a clean face every night before you sleep. You need to wait for about 20 minutes in order for the mask to react with the dull skin, and then rinse with clean warm water. Ensure you dry with a clean cotton towel and apply a moisturizer before you sleep. This moisturizer helps to speed up the process of skin brightening ensuring that to maintain an even skin tone. This mask is easily made and does not take a lot of time during preparation. Prevent your skin from long run skin problems such as skin cancer by using natural skin creams, masks, and other make ups. Ensure that you see a dermatologist who will help you identify best mask for your skin type. You will also be able to identify the best and hence maintain a bright smooth and beautiful skin.

4. Yogurt

This is an animal product that does not need any other preparation. You only need to clean your skin before you apply this paste. Make use of this drink to brighten your skin on a daily basis hence you will not regret on why you came across it. Yogurt besides being a natural mask for skin brightener it is also good in your body since it has no chemicals hence healthy.  Apply this mask twice in a day and you will notice the changes within one week.


The above 4 are the natural masks in which you need to use and enjoy a beautiful smooth and bright skin. The skin being the largest part of your body needs to look good through your sacrifice to maintain it. A bright and well maintained skin will make you have confidence and increase in self esteem. With a lot of confidence you will be able to accomplish more goals than you had set for the day. Ensure that you moisturize your skin on a daily basis to make it remain smooth and beautiful. This will ensure that there will be no set back when it comes to natural masks to make your skin look bright. These masks have the ability to make your skin always look bright, even and beautiful.