In case, you are trying to select the right watch in order to add a collection of your own wristwatches then perhaps you have come across the category known as the military watch.

So, what exactly is the military watch? The definition of the military watch has been discussed and debated quite a lot in various watch forum circles, however, there was really no straight and definitive answer.

Some people might say that it is any watch which a member of armed forces might wear. That looks like almost a cop-out definition, as it means that any watch may be considered as a military watch.

Much more exact way to define this term military watch will perhaps imagine them with someone who is in a certain foreign country and engaged in continuous battle. In such kind of a serious situation where life-or-death is the norm, what would any uniformed warrior like to put on in the wrist?

What Is military watch and about its features:

Here we need to define properly what really will explain certain military watch like Hamilton Khaki Field. Following are ten different features and characteristics that most experts will agree to relate to such kind of style:

1. There is no bling factor:

Many of you must be looking for certain eye-catching features e.g. gold plating or presence on the dial plenty of diamonds. For any soldier who is in a combat situation in the field, all these features are totally meaningless.

In fact, they are really dangerous. As soldiers are trying to hide in the bush or playing hide-and-seek along with different enemy combatants, they will hardly care for something that will catch the attention of some people around.

2. Elegance is really not so important:

No doubt, it is true that most military watches can be rather more subdued particularly in their appearance as compared to some other of gaudier types.

However, such watches also may not have the same amount of affectations as certain dress watches.

As an example, you will not find Roman numerals written on the dial. There will also not be any special designs on its face. Everything will be much simpler instead. That is why most of the military watches can make for a very good casual timepiece.

3. Expected arrangements:

Usually, you will have classic black dial along with hands and indices of light-colored instead of something very unusual. Its date function is mostly at 3 o’clock, although in a few cases it is at 4 o’clock too.

4. Wide case diameter:

Usually, this will be the first thing that you may notice on any military watch. There are some of the watches which are just about 40 or sometimes even 39 mm in width, while a few others can be bigger.

The main point behind the bigger size of the dial will make its design much easier for reading about the time. You need not have to really concentrate or squint.

5. Large numbers:

More emphasis on its readability can also be the reason why all these wristwatches mostly tend to use pretty large numbers on its dials. Quite often all the numeric starting from 1 up to 12 are written.

In some cases, there can also be smaller numbers in order to indicate the military time in 24-hour format. In many cases, the watch can also be even a digital clock instead of an analog watch.

6. Timekeeping accuracy:

Most of the watch snobs will prefer to make a collection of only mechanical watches and not quartz watches. For any soldier, all these considerations are totally immaterial and also can sometimes even be fatal.

None will care if it is mechanical when in reality bullets are flying all day round everywhere. The main advantage of having quartz watches will be that they are normally much more accurate for keeping time.

Also, if you are not off from the real-time just by a few seconds or sometimes maybe even almost a few minutes during each of the days.

7. Reliable power:

We all understand why military watches need not have to be provided power by some kind of very cool movement. All it needs is that it should be just sufficient reliable and that often means that it must be powered by a battery.

8. Usefulness in dark too:

Are you aware that the luminous hand was developed first time only for military use? Though nowadays in almost all different types of watches you may find this feature, however, it still remains a very crucial factor in all kind of military watches.

9. Special functions:

Quite a few military watches can also actually be smartwatches. You can get wide varieties of functions which can help any soldier and others who also work outdoors like working in the field.

A few of the special functions include chronometer, GPS, altimeter, barometer, as well as a compass, Bluetooth connectivity, and thermometer, etc. All these functions can be very useful in various kinds of specific missions.

10. Durability:

Again, this is another characteristic of any military watch which is very essential. It must be as tough as nails. Also, it should never break down just in case you bump it accidentally against a rock.

Also, it must be highly waterproof, that means that you can also swim while wearing this watch. Therefore, you will not really worry if suddenly it rains very hard or in case you have to swim into a pool of water.

Even the strap used must also be highly durable, and well-known NATO strap started first time out for any military use.


All kinds of military watches are meant for different functions, and among them, the main function will be to help you to survive combat tour of the duty. All the style considerations do not carry any weight.

It is ironic that appearance which is so low priority is what makes military watches really a cool-looking watch.

It gives out a message that you are a man who is very confident and also self-assured, and you hardly care about decorative purposes.

Also, it gets you connected and also creates a certain sense of brotherhood among those people who are willing to serve the country in uniform. Everywhere for men, that is some kind of sense of camaraderie which is hard to ignore.