It can be challenging to lighten up a living space that lacks natural light. However, with the right lighting tricks, you can give your abode a brand new look! Here is how you can add designer lighting to your apartment or house.

Introduce Eye-catchy Ceiling Lights

Say goodbye to the old and boring lighting as you can spruce up space with ceiling fixtures. It suddenly adds a lot of drama and also tricks you to think that the place is larger than it actually is. It should be noted that ceiling lights will definitely have to be complemented with other lights as placing them alone will not suffice.

Overhead Lighting

Choosing the right lighting for your powder room can be challenging. It is the small places which are really difficult to light. Experts suggest going for sconce along with the overhead lighting. If you only have overhead lighting then it can make the room feel even smaller. A good combination of lamps and lighting and natural light can make your space look inviting.

Select the Lamp Shades

You might think that lampshades are merely decorative objects. However, they do add a lot of light and can significantly transform your space. Go for lighter shades of the lamp that will allow more light into your room. Ditch the traditional light shades and opt for glass or shades. Lighting that exposes the bulbs is going to look phenomenal.

Use Incandescent Lights

The lighting of your home should add a warm and welcoming feel to it. Experts suggest going for lights that have a soft hue and adds a pleasant vibe to your space. It is also way more relaxing and helps in sleeping better at night. The regular bulbs have blue light which suppresses melatonin production in the body thus causing insomnia. Opting for the yellow incandescent light will not only add an amazing appearance to your apartment but will also help you sleep peacefully.

Vertical Floor Lamps

If you have a smaller space, you can take advantage of the height instead. Opt for tall floor lamps that would not occupy the floor space. Experts suggest going for lights that multitask. They should have a light source on the top along with a task light in the middle. This will help you get maximum light exposure with just a single floor lamp. A floor lamp will help to disperse the light in a better manner. If you wish to save space then you can add fixtures on the wall with light extensions. There are a lot of options you can choose from homewares Sydney.

Buy Dimmers

Another amazing designer lighting is a dimmer. You can adjust the lighting whenever you want. Go for lights that come with a high-low switch or three-way bulbs. You can literally change the light setting during the night and it gives a lot of flexibility.

The function of the Light

You must identify the function of lights while adding them to your décor. Designer lighting Melbourne can exponentially change the way your abode looks. It adds an aesthetic appeal to the overall design. The lights should not be treated anything less than furniture. You have a lot of options such as wood, glass, concrete, and metal.

Thus, tweaking the light of your place can completely change the appearance of your apartment. With the right tricks, you can make a smaller space look bigger. Save up the floor space by adding lights that are mounted on the wall. You may choose different colors and patterns.

Designer lighting adds a lot of luxury to any ordinary space. It makes your living space look glamorous by simply changing the lighting. Go for incandescent light which helps in sleeping better. You can have a combination of blue and yellow lights so that you can turn off the blue light during bedtime.