Feeling sluggish at work rarely is a good thing. The day drags horribly. You feel like you want to be anywhere else on earth but at your desk. Worst of all, responsibilities and tasks aren’t being accomplished. The ability to complete necessary daily duties may come with consequences. Employers take a dim view of employees who aren’t productive. A career could become jeopardized if lack of motivation reaches a critical level.


For those guilty of slacking, the upcoming year positively must become a more productive one. A increasingly productive year would be even better. The following insights may prove beneficial to those wishing to do more during the next year and improve their status at work.


Eradicate Anything Capable of Drawing Away Attention

The workplace can be filled with scores of temptations capable of drawing attention from necessary duties. A smartphone alone can provide an unending supply of distractions. Since a smartphone can be used for business purposes, playing around on the phone can be done under the guise of doing actual work. In time, behavior such as this catches up with employees. Productivity declines and may do so noticeably.


Embracing any unimportant pursuits at the expense of being focused on the job would be a bad idea. Do whatever is necessary to reduce distractions in order to boost productivity. Cutting down on distractions may lead to an inverse response: important things get done.


Make the Workplace More Appealing

Both employers and employees can do something to make the day a bit more appealing. No one wants to work in a dirty workplace. If the office is disheveled or dirty, employers should take steps to bring in a cleaning crew to get things into better shape. Employees with sloppy desks and workspaces must prioritize straightening things out and do so without delays. Making the work environment a better organized and cleaner place can create a surprisingly noticeable improvement in productivity.


Exercise and Eat Better

Hitting the gym in the morning before work might not seem all that important. Choosing to eat a healthy cup of oatmeal instead of a convenience store donut may seem even less important. Crossfit supplements could help with pre and post-workout performance, which may add even further benefits.


Exercise and nutrition are helpful, but what do diet and exercise have to do with productivity? Well, a healthier, fitter person probably will maintain much higher energy levels. A person with solid energy levels might be quite productive in the office. A healthier approach to life may fuel those previously elusive high energy levels.


Utilize the Right Tools

Could someone working a construction site be effective on the job without hammers, saws, or other basic tools? Since the tools are necessary for actually performing the tasks, the answer clearly is yes. Even though an office environment may be different from a construction site, the notion regarding access to the right tools remains the same.


Everything from an outdated computer to a lack of simple supplies can drag down productivity. Bring the right tools into the office should lead to an uptick in productivity. After all, employees end up with what they need to perform daily tasks.


Build on Any Accomplishments

Once a worthwhile goal has been completed, a bit of enthusiasm may be felt towards completing the next goal. Enthusiasm supports productivity. Continually completing goals throughout the day supports this necessary enthusiasm. Productivity benefits become obvious.


Pacing yourself is important, too. Trying to do too much to the point of burnout won’t boost productivity at all. Pacing the workday to meet goals without overdoing things would be the prudent approach.


By following these simple steps, you will be on the right path to a more productive year. Hopefully this has helped you get some ideas of what you need to do to meet at least one New Year’s Resolution this year.