Bond money is a big deal with the tenants. Submission of bond money is a satisfaction to the owner that there will be no damage to the property and the tenants are running nowhere. The situation is different with tenants as they are only concerned with retaining their bond money. However, upon vacation, the condition of the house and other few factors play a significant role in determining the future of the submitted money. As a tenant, shifting homes is already a headache, and if you lose your hard-earned money, you’ll soon have a heartache too. To help you take every step in the right direction and get your bond money back with ease, we have a curated a list of dos. Read on.

  1. Treat property condition form as a saviour : Before you move in your new rented property, you will be filling in a property condition form which will help you when you vacate. Make a note of every single crack, dent, and even scratch and put in all the details for easy reference. This way, if your landlord starts pointing fingers at you for the property’s unfortunate condition, you’ll have a written proof to shield yourself.
  2. Inspect the house properly for any last minute damage control : While you are getting your house cleaned and sanitised in every nook and corner, inspect it for some last-minute damage repairs. There could be new cracks, stains, and broken infrastructure which needs to be dealt with before you leave. Hire a handyman to fix it all. Don’t forget about the house cleaning in Adelaide after the handyman goes.
  3. Fix as soon as something’s broken :Once you start living in the rented property, try to stay updated with all the dents and fix any issue as soon as possible. Postponing will only get you in trouble. Whether you break something or other matters like leakages arise during your stay, inform your landlord immediately and get them fixed before it’s too late. Maintaining such honesty and good rapport will help in getting your bond money back easily.
  4. End of lease cleaning is essential :Before you vacate out, make sure that you leave a clean and tidy property behind. Think of it this way. How would you like to receive a new place? Dirty and filthy or clean and sanitary? If the latter is your pick, then keep yourself in the new tenant’s shoes and leave the residence in the condition that you would want to be welcomed in. Hire cleaning services in Adelaide to do the heavy-lifting for you.
  5. Compare the moving in condition with the moving out condition :Once you have fixed all the damages and cleaned the house thoroughly, it’s time to calm your mind and take a look around. Compare the moving in and moving out condition and do some self-analysis of the situation. This will help you in building a better case if your landlord denies paying the bond money. Make a list of all the new fixtures that happened after you moved in for more evidence of your smart stay.
  6. Vacate timely :Landlords like obedient tenants who are easy to deal with and don’t give them much trouble. Once the notice period is delivered, make it a point that you vacate the property timely. Staying over your tenure will incur extra rent which the landlord would love to deduct from your bond money. In case you need to stay a few extra days, talk to your landlord beforehand so there are no confusions and you are still eligible to get your money back.

Make a note of these essential tips and use them to your advantage to get your bond money back without any hassle. Don’t forget to share the post with your roomies too.