‘Life is too short to wear boring jewelry’

Being bold is the talk of the town and bold funky jewelry makes for a good style statement. Á bold accessory is a woman’s armor.

We often see ourselves looking at the beautiful and bold statement jewelry in the beauty magazines and saying,

“I wish I could pull that off.”

Bold jewelry comes with the fact that you need to pair it up wisely is order to pull it off.

Penning down a few ways, in which you can stand out amongst the crowd by matching your regular dresses with amazing statement pieces.

1. One step at a time.

The world speaks of ‘the less- the better.’

If you are someone who wants to make a style statement in the working space or on an official meeting, go for one single piece of jewelry.

So, as opposed to endeavoring to go from zero to super funky, begin off with some bold bracelets like the cosmic ones or an oxidized piece of trendy armlet.

A piece like this daredevil bracelet is an ideal start for somebody hoping to venture up their strong style statements.

It’s a simple to wear bracelet, but can make you look extraordinary.


It’s anything but NOT difficult to style up your office outfit without going over the edge.

The best way to do is, style your office wears with one funky and Bold Neckpiece.

The most ideal approach to ensure that a neck piece suits your outfit, is to wear it with the correct neckline. Strapless, off-the-shoulder, scoop-neck or v-neck dresses and tops are perfect, as they will give your announcement a chance to the piece do the talking with your style.

Collars, bridle necks should definitely be avoided, as they will come in between intense carved pieces.

A solid color turtleneck sweater can work perfectly with a simple neckband, given that it is perfectly sized and of one color.

You can wrong with too many unbiased tones, so wear splendid and eye-catching accessories with dark, white or bare, to keep the look rich.

Try using necklaces with pearls, beads, chains, and other colored pearls. They are lightweight and will not come in between the regular workday. A few statement pieces could be Ashy lace necklaces and Folk Fusion pieces.


Rings happen to be a woman’s best accessory. The most ideal way to summarise and complete your outfit is by pairing it up a bold trendy ring. The most important thing to know is that when you are making a statement with a bold ring, it is definitely going to draw attention to your hands. There is too much to make a statement with and have fun with when it comes to ring, so pair them as much as you can with each outfit. It is good to have pieces, so have as much as you can. Buy the trendy ones. Especially the ones that are vibrant and put the attention on the hands. Go for Gems, Studs, Mushy Rings and Marine designs.

The brighter it is, the better it is!