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Blue Magic Kratom – Quality Kratom Strains

It is interesting as Blue Magic Kratom seems like an attractive name for a kratom vendor, so we decided to check it out and share the experience with you. Let’s check it out to find out what this magical place has for Kratom enthusiasts and whether it is a good option for kratom users or not!

It started when Father and son, Ross Jaramillo and Nathan Jaramillo, and their family friend (Kyle Bratlien) initiated the Kratom business with a setup in the garage. In a fairly quick time, they now have five distribution centers totaling approximately 45,000 sqft.


Blue Magic Kratom is brought to you by Hundreds Brands. Our mission is to provide trusted premium quality supplements to individual, wholesale and retail customers across the globe.

Premium kratom extract, liquids, and powder

If you are of the fact that many options of Kratom products are this brand’s only specialty, you are wrong. As every customer needs different uses, this business ensures to provide something for everyone. It offers different products for users who only need doses daily. However, if you require more potent effects, the blue magic kratom also offers high-concentration Kratom extracts.

Preworkout Fitness Supplements

The powder extract of this brand is an awesome pre-workout natural booster for energy as each part contains more alkaloids and can invigorate the senses for longer. If you click on the pre-workout products, it brings you to the Human Engine page, where you can choose the Super Charger shake powder to enhance muscle performance. What else? You can get a shaker cup that assists in making delicious shakes so you can enjoy the frothy energizers!

Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pens

You have the option to get six different types of delta omega disposable vape pens including their cartridges like Hybrid Blue Dream, Indica King Louis IV, Sativa Pineapple Express, Indica Platinum OG, Sativa Strawberry Cough, and Hybrid Skywalker OG. This brand sources 100% pure and legal hemp from the US that consists of less than 0.3% delta 9.

Blue Magic

D2C or Direct to Customer

Direct to Customer system of Blue Magic Kratom implies that the products can be sold straight to the consumers. Once you click on the buy button, you have to trust that the product will reach your doorstep, making this entire experience bother-free and advantageous. It will relieve you of any stress over the product’s quality or delivery.

Wholesale Kratom

If you are operating a kratom business and require the stocks in bulk, you will get competitive wholesale prices. If you are buying bulk kratom, your delivery cost for your stock to be delivered will be below. Many licensed wholesalers are in contact with this name for a long time.


Blue Magic Kratom has a website with all the products available for those interested in buying kratom for different uses! Just a few clicks and you will successfully order in no time!

Final Words

So what are you waiting for? Explore the kratom strains (Maeng Da, Trainwreck, Thai, Dragon, Bali, and Gold Extract), exceptional quality Delta-8 Vape Pens, exceedingly potent pre-workout supplements, and enjoy the magic of the botanical world only at Blue Magic Kratom brand.