Hygiene and cleanliness is our routine and lifestyle. While we are busy keeping the floor disinfected and dirt-free we might still have some unacquainted problems building up till it reaches the surface. This may not only lead to the health hazard but it can also damage the property. So it must be taken to consideration on priority and we should take extra care to avoid any form of dirt being accumulated in the sewage system or any pipes within the house as well as outside. A blocked drain can be inconveniencing enough to disrupt the routine and hamper work and life.

blocked drains

blocked drains

Causes of Clogging:

There can be several reasons of having blocked drain:

  • Trees and Leaves: The season of fall is when we face this scenario most of the times. The dried leaves lay scattered everywhere and as the wind blows it reaches the drain to let the water stand while it rains and we have a pool of insects breeding in that stagnated water.
  • Objects which are not dissolvable: Objects like piece of rubber or metal, which fall into the drain accidentally and miss our eyes. While it may go slightly deeper into the drain, however within a few days we realize that we have a problem with our sewage and we may keep wondering why this clogging has happened.
  • Hair: This is one of the major reasons why we get blocked bathroom drain at least. While we are busy pampering the hair shaft and let the unwanted hair go, they wait there in the pipe to be picked and removed so that water can pass freely.
  • Grease: Oil and grease make the drain sticky and the fat deposits make the channel thinner and in due course water starts collecting. It rises to the brim of the sink or floor and leads to smelly and unhealthy situation.
  • Construction flaws: Low quality drainage pipe and bad designing can be extremely frustrating. This comes to our notice only when it is a fatal scenario and the dirty water blocked in the drain takes a toll on our health and home.
  • Toiletries: Toilet paper, napkins and similar products block the system and lead to one of the most disgusting experiences.
  • Heavy Rain: A natural calamity or condition is quite unavoidable and if the city does not have a proper sewage system then it can immensely impact our health and work. There has been few epidemics caused during flood which was mainly due to improper drainage.
drain blocking

drain blocking

Few ideas how to unblock Drain-Do it yourself:

  • Use a thin long object like straightened hanger and slightly bend one end. While this is pushed and pulled through the drain all the hair and other insoluble objects should come out.
  • Baking Soda and vinegar can do the job well. Pour the mixture and let it sit for few hours and pour boiling hot water.
  • Pick all the clutter that you see accumulating and throw them in a garbage bag.

If the above does not help, then there are companies that will help you clean the drainage. It is a good idea to check the internet for such solution providers and take support from the best in the lot. These companies can be expensive but we must remember that it is essential that the job is done well so that we save later. It is quality over quantity.

It is imperative to have a clean household for a healthy life. So make sure that you are proactive and take care of the gutter to keep it clutter free.