Ever since cryptocurrency bitcoin has made it presence felt in the financial industry, blockchain has also gained huge popularity. And while initially it was for keeping the records of cryptocurrency exchange, blockchain technology has made its presence felt in almost all the industries. So much so that industry insiders are seeking certified blockchain specialist to deal with the blockchain technologies.

But before we move on to who is a blockchain specialist and why are blockchain certifications important. Let’s take a look at what is blockchain technologies and what are blockchain companies?

Blockchain Certifications

                                                                                           Blockchain Certifications

Blockchain Specialist – Skills And Responsibilities

Blockchain specialist is an individual who has been identified as a certified blockchain professional and possesses a deep knowledge of blockchain. He knows even the minutest details that are related to blockchain and uses that knowledge to further create blockchain-based applications for organizations.

Considering the future of blockchain technologies and the blockchain companies, seeking a career in blockchain as a blockchain specialist is a good choice. However, apart from your regular studies there are other skills that are quite important to become a successful blockchain specialist. Here are some of the skills you would require to become a successful blockchain specialist.

  1. Being a developer, is the most important skill you need to possess as a blockchain specialist. Because, as a developer you would need to think about breaking the problem logically and quantifying the data.
  2. Programming tools like OOPs, procedural language, flat and relational database should be on your fingertips and you should be thorough with them.
  3. You should possess a deep and thorough understanding about Data Structures including Stack, Queues, LinkedList, Tree, and Hedera HashMaps, and also be thorough with the time and resource complexity of data structure querying.

As a blockchain specialist you may be required to develop and implement things like accelerators and assets, and assist with an organization’s infrastructure setups while using technologies like Ethereum and ensure applications are secure. As a Blockchain specialist you might have to analyze code artifacts and also provide training to your juniors.

Blockchain Certifications And Why They Are Important

Certifications are important, as are a third party validation of your skills and qualifications acquired to become a specialist in any field. Similarly, if you want to be a blockchain specialist and want recruiters to take you seriously then certifications are your best bet. Blockchain certifications ensures that you are abreast with the latest happenings in the field of blockchain-based applications. Here are some of the certifications you may like to check out.

  1. Imarticus Blockchain certifications: Imarticus offers both blockchain courses and certifications. Imarticus offers a detailed course in blockchain that covers all the basic and the necessary tools. You become eligible for the certification post the completion of the course.
  2. CBCA or Central Blockchain Council of America: CBCA offers four major certifications for Blockchain professionals namely BBP or Business Blockchain Professional, BBS or Business Blockchain Specialist, ABE or Associate Blockchain Engineer, SBE or Senior Blockchain Engineer.

Udemy Blockchain certifications: Udemy offers certification in bitcoin professional and have a criterion to finish the course to apply for certification. The course covers everything from the basic of bitcoins to how to become a blockchain professional.