Are you looking for the perfect action figure to take down Aquaman and gain the Atlantean Throne? Or an action figure to add to your collection of DC collectibles? Or even the perfect action figure to begin your collection? Well, there you have it, the Black Manta action figures are the perfect way to go.


Who is Black Manta?

You can say Black Manta is one of Aquaman’s biggest enemies as he constantly plays the role in all the DC comics of Aquaman. He is a treasure hunter and a pirate. He is one of the most iconic villains. His mission is to defeat Aquaman.


What are Black Manta’s Superpowers?

Actually, Black Manta has no superpowers. However, he has an indestructible armor manta suit that is bulletproof and waterproof. It that allows him to withstand the claustrophobic pressures in the deep blue sea in order to defeat Aquaman. His suit also allows him to shoot red laser beams from his huge red eyes that resemble the shape of fly eyes. Along with the suit, he has deadly weapons and powerful fighting skills. The suit and his expertise with fighting makes him strong and durable enough so that he really does not need any “natural” superpowers to overthrow Aquaman.

Why Aquaman?

Throughout comics, Black Manta comes about to have different origins and versions as to why he wants to defeat Aquaman. In one version, it shows that Black Manta has autism and manages to escape from the Arkham Asylum. He becomes obsessed with being underwater and wanting to overthrow Aquaman in order to rule the ocean and receive the Atlantean Throne. Another version demonstrates that Black Manta survived child abuse without the help of Aquaman. And in another version, Black Manta is ordered by Dr. Steven Chen to steal a sample of Aquaman’s blood in order to prove that Steven is Atlantean. However, during that moments, Aquaman’s father got a heart attack while attempting to defend his son from the villain. Aquaman’s father later passed away, causing him to build intense anger and the need to get revenge on Black Manta. When Aquaman came across someone that resembled Black Manta, he killed him, not knowing it was actually Black Manta’s father. This leads to an ongoing feud between the two. I guess you could ask yourself, which one makes more sense to you? Which origin story do you prefer?


Black Manta? An Iconic Villain? How?

As mentioned before, Black Manta has no “natural” superpowers or born with anything that allows him to naturally be as powerful as the usual superheroes, like Aquaman. However, Black Manta bravely makes it his mission to overthrow a natural undefeatable, powerful superhero. Compared to Aquaman, who has natural strength and power to dominate the deep sea, Black Manta really could not compare; yet, he uses his expertise and intense training to prove that one does not need to be born with superpowers in order to accomplish his or her missions. Hopefully, Black Manta becomes good, rather than taking advantage of his amazing trained skills to be a villain. Don’t you think it would be a great idea of Black Manta and Aquaman to make truce?


Why might a Black Manta action figure be the best gift for a child and even an adult?

If you are thinking about getting a Black Manta action figure for someone, I wouldn’t hesitate about the age. Many people around the world, whether young or old, purchase action figures to either play or simply collect them. Children may use the gift as a new toy to add to their toy box of superheroes and villains. Young and old adults may use the gift to add to their DC collectibles or to their general action figure collection. Whatever it is, if they are into action figures, young or old, it seems to be the right gift, even if you just want to spoil yourself a bit (which is never a bad thing).


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