Guys usually do not feel excited about their birthdays nor do they expect any special plans from others. It might be their nature not to make it a big deal and pass this day just like another event that you spend with your family. However, the family members or loved ones usually are the ones who have to plan the birthday celebrations not just get them a perfect birthday gift.

In case of guys, usually it is easier to find them cheap gifts because they usually do not judge a gift by its value for money. Hence, first thing is clear that it is not necessary that the gift is expensive but you can easily find various types of gifts online and send cheap gifts to Pakistan that would really gain you appreciation from him.

So what could be the gift ideas?

1. Sports

Guys are generally involved in some sports like football, cricket, tennis etc. You might happen to know or find their favorite sport and player too so that you can get him something relevant according to his taste. For example, you can get him a sports team T-shirt with his favorite player’s name on it. You can customize a t-shirt according to his favorite sports team logo and player. You can get him a customized mug, wallet or keychain with his favorite team’s logo. Anything that is related to his team would make a perfect gift for him.

2. Adventure

Every guy loves to spend time with his friends and would like to go out on some adventure with his friends. So you need to give him some away time with his friends and send him on an adventure trip like hiking, swimming, trekking, etc. Any adventure trip that he would enjoy with his friends away from his usual routine will make the best birthday present for him.

3. Events

Take him to an event with you or the family if you are not with him. You can go on any current event happening in your city like a concert, a play, an exhibition that he would love to go, a sports event etc. Guys usually enjoy outdoor activities so you must consider something like that to please your guy considering that he has an interest for the event.

4. Gift Your Memories

A gift can be something that would connect both of you in a memorable way. It can be a photo sequence, a picture journey of your memorable trip, a collage or any such thing that would connect both of you. In such case, you can make him a collage of important events that you both remember due to some fun or interesting factors and present him as a decoration piece for his room wall.

You can also gift him a cushion customized with your memorable pictures with a quote for him. Anything that you both share a memory with would make a perfect gift for him and he would instantly connect with it.

5. Cook Something

Finally, as all agree that food leads to a man’s heart. So if you are lucky enough to be with him on his birthday, why not surprise him with some unique dish that he would enjoy on his birthday.