Born out of a seamless blend of art, astronomy, science and astrology, Vaastu Shastra is an ancient mystic philosophy to design your space in a way that helps you lead a healthy, wealthy and fulfilling life. Literally translating to science of architecture, vaastu focuses on the importance of direction and five basic elements that constitute the universe – Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), Vayu (Air), Aakash (Space) and Prithvi (Earth). The core principle of Vaastu is to strike the right balance between the people occupying a space and all five natural elements. This paves the way for a healthy life characterized by luck, wealth and prosperity.

If your home is not Vaastu compliant, you can always make small changes to make it more so:

  • The Entrance Matters

The entrance of your home is the basis of leaving a positive first impression. Not only should it attract the right people, but also bring you wealth and prosperity. As per Vaastu, your entrance should ideally face north, east or in the north-east direction; it should be well organised, cleaned and beautiful to look at. It is best if the door is made of solid wood and has a nameplate on it. Contrary to popular practice, you should avoid placing a shoe rack or footwear stand next to the entrance door. This is because it blocks positive energy from entering your space.

  • Decorate your entrance wall

If the entrance to your home has a wall, ensure that you don’t leave it empty. An empty wall, especially at the entrance represents loneliness, creating a sad and negative vibe. Play with your creativity and decorate the wall with anything that adds positivity. This could be a statue, a religious painting, a family photograph – as long as it feels positive, it’ll add positivity to your space.

  • Bedroom

The bedroom is your space for personal relaxation and rejuvenation. This is why it should be designed and decorated as per the rules of Vaastu. Make sure not to place your bed in a corner or along a wall. The room should be properly ventilated with easy flow of fresh air. Try to keep your windows open every day for some time. Keep your bedroom well organized and un-cluttered with minimum furniture blocking the way. The colour of the walls should be soothing and the bed should have a single mattress instead of a double one – to signify togetherness and love.

The luxurious 2 BHKs in Thane by the Dynamix Group are Vaastu compliant with apartments designed keeping the principles of Vaastu in mind. Parkwoods on Ghodbunder Road naturally evokes a sense of bliss and peaceful living, even being in the heart of the city.

  • Positive Energy Flow

A clean home with spick and span doors and windows attracts positive energy and good vibes. If you’re browsing thorough luxurious flats in Thane or other attractive residential areas, rely on reputed names such as Dynamix Group and take advantage of space to create a small artificial garden in your balcony or terrace area. You can always add small potted plants along your balcony railing or outside your kitchen window. Also try to add a water fountain in the northeastern part of your home – no matter the size. Flowing water indicates free flow of prosperity and energy.

The guiding principle behind Vaastu is to stabilize varied energies and restore balance to bring peace and prosperity into your home. By following these simple rules, you can adjust the energies of your home to create a tranquil, serene space for your and family.