It may sound like a joke but some people are afraid of malls and supermarket stores. I do not mean the people with agoraphobia or introverts. There is a category of consumers who hate a vast number of goods and products on the store shelves. This hatred is based on the fact that they face a problem of choice. Due to such embarrassment of riches, the customers fail to opt for a certain brand or trademark and get frustrated.

At first glance, this problem seems to be fictitious and laughable. Nevertheless, the abundance of products is a fatality of the modern society because it induces the fall of quality. From the other side, a high competitiveness causes the reduction of prices on the certain goods.

An over choice is observed in almost any sector or direction of production. The scene of the meal replacement shakes has encountered the same issue. If this combination of words makes you embarrassed, here is the explanation. This type of nutritional products is made with a purpose to supply the nutritive substances to the body if a wholesome meal is not available or permissible. The products are widely used in the multiple diets or in other relevant ways.

The main characteristics of such shake are the presence of a considerable amount of protein, a moderate energy value, the presence of multiple vitamins, and the minimum values of the undesirable elements like fats and sugars. Such blend of nutritional substances has to provide a feeling of satiation along with a low caloric content.

The idea of this category of nutrition is clear. And what about a choice? Currently, dozens of brands and trademarks have conquered the market. Shakeology, Raw Meal, Core MRP, Vega One, IdealShake, 18Shake and other miscellaneous products are offered to become a part of your daily diet. It gets worse and worse as it goes on. One product begins to overgrow with the flavor options. Consequently, this snowball of the meal substitute products is getting larger and larger.

If you disagree or doubt in my words, you may visit the largest online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay and type the combination of words “meal”, “replacement”, and “shakes” in the search bar. Keep in mind that numerous shakes are not available to purchase on this trading platform. In order to realize the variety of products circulating in the market, you should look at the search filters. These tools demonstrate perfectly the existing range of the MR shakes.

Do you remember the above-mentioned statement about the fall of quality? On the example of this category of products, we can trace whether the statement is true or false. Many users had to try several supplements until they eventually found an appropriate shake. Although almost any brand is reviewed and its description is available on the web, it does not guarantee a high quality or effectiveness of the product.

As a result, the users have a variety of choices but cannot make a final choice. Besides, a great number of options foresees a possibility of finding a better product than you have now. Some users spend months or even years in the attempt to get a shake matching to their requirements. At the same time, they might have already found an ideal product for their needs but a variety of undiscovered supplements triggers them to the new seeking.

Is it bad to have an over choice? To some extent it is. However, the limitation of choice is also a flaw. So, let’s seek a balance in any sphere of our lives.