What makes a college town a great one? In some cases, a college town is great because there are so many things to do or because the sports culture is big. Other college towns are the best because the scenery is stunning or the restaurants in the area welcome college students and make their fare affordable. Where should you attend college if you want to live in a great town? Here are a few suggestions.


Amherst, Massachusetts


Amherst is a small college town located in Western Massachusetts. It has three top-tier schools, which include the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst College and Hampshire College. Not that this should affect your decision to attend an Amherst school, but famous alumni include Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson and Noah Webster. This is a college town that hosts major artistic and cultural events. It is also known for being a hub of liberal politics.


Lincoln, Nebraska


Along with being one of the healthiest towns in the U.S., Lincoln is also one of the country’s best college towns. It’s recommended for those who are interested in furthering their educations in the fields of information technology, health and education. Lincoln has a stable economy, which means that if you need to work while attending college, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a job.


Provo, Utah


With several schools and its small-town feel, Provo is one of the best places to attend college. Things to do in Utah county include outdoor activities like hiking, biking and skiing. The dining scene is becoming better every year and despite it being a conservative area, the town offers nightlife in the form of dance clubs, cultural events and comedy clubs.


Bloomington, Indiana


Named for the copious number of blooms spotted by early settlers to the area, Bloomington is a pretty place to live. If you head there, you can attend Indiana University. Along with providing you the opportunity for a quality education, the school’s campus is frequently named one of the prettiest in the country. Bloomington has plenty of support services and employers. The town also holds fun festivals and features good places to eat and drink.


Binghamton, NY


Binghamton University is a top school, one that is considered an economic powerhouse as well as a local cultural center. Located around the country’s defense industry, there are tons of work opportunities for high school and college graduates. Binghamton is the home of many museums and historic buildings, so it’s a place where you can see the country’s history first-hand.


Cambridge, MA


Known as one of the country’s intellectual hubs, Cambridge features schools like Harvard, MIT and Cambridge College. It is also the home of the Longy School of Music and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Cambridge is a good place for work and play. It has an abundance of artistic and cultural offerings. The town also features nice restaurants and interesting sites like the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.


Burlington, VT


Vermont is a small state, but it has one of the best college towns. Burlington holds about a third of Vermont’s total population. You can attend Burlington College, the University of Vermont or the Champlain College in Burlington. Each one will send you home with an education that will help you land that dream job. While in Burlington, you’ll have access to a thriving music, culture and art scene, one that makes living there enjoyable.


College Station, TX


With its title as the most educated city in Texas, College Station is the place to go when research is your life calling. Texas A&M University calls College Station home. This is a school that is a land, space and sea institution, so a diverse group of students attend, making the town an interesting place to live.


Living in a College Town


There are many benefits to attending a school in one of the best college towns in the country. Along with there being plenty to keep you busy, college towns are often safe and entertaining places to live, ones that attract smart people and those with many talents.