Finding a good trading software solution for an online brokerage business can be very difficult. There are numerous online trading solutions on the market, but few of them offer a full suite of applications that match the needs of an online broker dealer. We have reviewed dozens of online trading tools, but few managed to raise to our expectations, that is until we came across the ETNA trading software. This white label suite of trading application is very easy to use and fully customizable. It is mobile friendly, and it can be connected to 3rd party apps through an efficient API, to provide access to countless clearing, analytics and market data solutions. Keep on reading to discover how this platform can take your trading business to the next level.

Live market data

The ETNA Trading Software gives you the opportunity to create numerous watch lists and trade directly from them. Link the watch lists to numerous widgets to create an interface that matches the needs of your business. You can also customize the information columns, view a time stamped history of all your transactions, and make trades directly through the order book. These features give you the opportunity to create a comprehensive portfolio which will directly reflect all mergers, dividends, acquisitions, splits and spinoffs, and you can view the historic actions for each type of security. The software is news vendor neutral, so you can access your favorite financial news sources directly from the trading tool by plugging in your news providers through XML or RSS.

Live Charts

ETNA features a comprehensive charting engine which allows both users and admins to customize various chart features such as indicators, grid colors or headers. Traders can also perform in-depth historical analyses by customizing the timeframes. Users can choose between several types of charts such as bar charts, candlestick charts, line charts, OHLC or CVS table views. The indicators are also quite versatile, from Bollinger bands, to Stochastic oscillators, MACD, relative strength indexes, on balance volumes and many others. In terms of drawing tools, there are various shapes that users can use such as trend lines, Fibonacci, texts, circles and much more. The tool also allows users to overlay several securities on the chart and compare indices to single stock securities. Trades can be placed directly from the charts through a simple double click and the trading platform will automatically set the trade price based on your clicks. All quotes and streaming data are updated in real time, and there is also a good risk management system in place, featuring configurable latency that can be used for high frequency trading algorithms.

Versatile order entries

The ETNA stock trading software is pre-configured for both simple and advanced orders, which can be configured as market, trailing-shop, trailing-stop-limit, stop, stop-limit, one-cancels-other or one-triggers-other. The orders can be placed from anywhere in the world, and from any device, as the platform is compatible with all operating systems and all browsers.

Efficient trading options

Regardless of your trading strategy, the ETNA trading platform will help you reach your business goals, by providing you with numerous trading options. You can see the implied volatility of your trades along with the greeks and customize the information columns to see strictly the data that interests you. This makes it very easy to find bids, quotes and the implied volatility. The platform also features a P/L calculator for charting the profit-and-loss potential of the trades before each bid. This allows for advanced strategic analyses, and it is a great way of building the confidence of your investors. To strengthen the investment portfolio, the tool comes with an easy to use option optimized which recalculates the margin requirements and the buying power in real time. You can also use a probability calculator which is updated in real time for accurate target prices, custom volatility, and for setting the probability matching the target prices.