Gun safety should be the first priority for the person who owns a gun. Before purchasing a gun it is important for an owner to think for its safety either from misuse of the gun from the younger ones of the family or from being stolen.

Guns like pistol is a costlier investment and like other costly investment we need to protect it for a longer period as possible, even the gun safes have an enough space to protect our other investments like gold. These best biometric gun safes 2019 can protect our investments from many natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, fire etc.



Fatboy is the famous among the gun lovers. If you are rich enough to protect your guns, then the best gun safe for you is the liberty fatboy as it is known for its interiors and durable build. It is designed for holding maximum of 64 guns which fits in a two racks capable of holding 32 guns. The best thing  about this serious is that it can be customized.


It is a standing safe 57” tall and can store upto 12 large rifle works on the fingerprint sensor and can remember upto 120 fingerprints.

It works on a biometric technology and the locking system consists of five deadbolts. For the improvement of the safety this safe can be mounted by a wall made of cements. It is cheaper than the fatboy series safe.

Amsec BF7240 GUN SAFE

This safe gives us the many options of how to arrange our rifles, guns, pistols and many other costlier investments that we don’t want to lose. It is bulky and long gun safe which can protect not only our guns but other valuable comes in at a hefty price because of the security it provides and of the material it is made of.

It can withstand the heat upto1,275F for more than one hour. The internal structure is made up of silicon thus even if the outer body catches the fire, the inner body does not allow it to increase the temperature because of the silicon body.


It is one of the best gun safe product you will find in the market. It is coated with gauge powder. It can store upto 8 long guns. The safe is constructed from a heavy steel so as to bid the drilling attempt.

Its interior construction is simple as it focuses on storing more rifle guns than that of other valuable consists of two set of keys lock for the unlocking purpose. It is cheaper than the above mentioned safes.


Its opening is made into 4 thick doors which is drill and ballistic proof. Its average capacity is to hold up to 10 long guns but its additional options gives the additional space for the smaller rifles. It provides protection from theft and even from the fires up to the temperature of 1,875F. It is cheaper than the above mentioned safes.