When you have the need to use a self storage facility, you also need to make sure you ask the right questions in order to make the best decision on a self storage facility that will meet your requirements.Storage units San Jose storing your household goods, precious belongings or need extra storage space for your office or business, making an informed choice at the start can save you headaches later on. Your first step in making the choice best suited to your needs is to either speak in person or on the phone to the manager of the self storage facility.

Facility meet your needs

Size matters, especially when you are looking at placing things that are valuable enough to pay for storage. Self storage units come in a variety of sizes, so the first thing you need to find out is the size of the units available at a particular facility. Picking the wrong size unit can either cause you headaches on the day your moving things in or be uneconomical if what you’re storing is much smaller than the unit size.

If you’re still not sure, make an appointment with the self storage facility manager to come and view the options available. As a double check to your own assessment, ask the manager what size unit they recommend. It is best to take along a floor plan/size estimate of your items so the manager can help you decide on the size you need.

Ensuring your goods are secure

The levels of security that different self storage facilities have on offer also differ along with the size. This may be because they specialize in the types of goods they store. The level of security that you need for your household belongings and goods will also differ depending on their value (both sentimental and replacement cost). Ask the manager of the self storage facility what their security arrangements are for the facility as a whole along with the individual units. You can also check to see if you can add your own security, such as padlocks to the unit. Lastly, ask who will have access to the units and if the facility can also gain access (in an emergency) which personnel would hold the key or access information. As the levels of security will probably also impact on the costs, you want to make sure that your not over or under valuing the goods you are storing. If your storage needs are for a business, most likely you will require a facility that runs state of the art security across its site.

Access when you want

Even with the most careful planning, sometimes there is something you need urgently and find that it’s in storage. Ask the self storage facility manager whether or not you will be able to gain afterhours access in an emergency along with what their normal and weekend operating hours are. This way you know that if you are caught short – you can get what you want, when you want it. Lastly, ensure that you will be able to get hold of personnel who can help you on the day that you are moving your goods into the facility. Ask for the managers cell phone number as part of the contact information you have for the facility.

Knowing what your needs are and what self storage facility options are available to you, ensures that your goods can be stored safely, securely and that you have peace of mind during your lease.