The club may not be the best place to find a lover, but it’s surely one of the best places to bring someone to a date. If you’re hiring an escort for a fun night, clubbing is one of the best activities that you should consider in mind. Keep in mind that most who have a very great ending for their evening with a hot date is best done when clubbing. It’s where all the hype will start to flow into you and your partner, as well as the drinks if you plan on spending for more.

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If you’re going to hire Zurich escorts, remember that these girls love to go clubbing. So be sure to take them into the following clubs in Zurich:


Alice Choo

It’s one of the newest clubs in Zurich. Alice Choo, located at Limmatstrasse, is a club that got a quick reputation by offering the most intimate experience for couples. If you have your Escort, you’re going to loe this place as it has a chic environment with matured guests and partying style. The sound system of the club provides an intensity towards intimacy for dancing partners as they go clubbing in this place. However, the prices for drinks and the entrance fee in the club could be a bit expensive for others

The club is also meant for intimate experiences with a partner, aside from giving you a time of your life. So if you’re into clubbing, and love to have a companion. Visit these top clubs with our finest escorts at Redlight Seduction to guarantee you a time of your life indeed.


Kaufleuten is the largest clubs in Zurich. Located at Pelikanstrasse, it usually holds events featuring the most famous DJs around the world. They are also known for their infamous “extraordinary” events for guests. The club is also known to be totally convenient as it has way of letting people avoid long waiting times. Note that the priceo of drinks here are expensive.




Uetliberg Mountain offers the magical view of the entire city of Zurich! After long fan of discos and bars, our escorts well aware how to divert your mood from colorful night life to feel some experience of feel the natural beauty of Zurich. You can add some unforgotten memories to your trip by having adventurous Hiking to the mountains!



Our Switzerland escorts know well that Plaza is one of the finest places in Zurich. It’s known to have a low priced entrance fee, and the right price for drinks as well. Overall, It’s a very convenient club. The convenience also ranges to its numerous dance floors, but with the same excellent sound systems. Most of the Redlight Seduction girls love it here.

Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich is the beautiful lake in Switzerland! This lake is formed by the Linth River, which rises in the glaciers. You can visit to view the natural beauty of the lake with your escort. This lake has magic to make your environment more romantic. The wake water is so neat and clean, in the summers here temperature is about 20 degrees