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Running a successful and profitable business is a challenge all on its own. However, there’s no question about the challenges of 2020. Whether the process was seamless or strenuous, all businesses were forced to pivot this year. This also includes the marketing efforts. If you’d like to figure out what your small business can do in order to implement the best marketing strategies within this climate, consider the following options.

1. Text Messages

Most people are glued to their phones on a regular basis. Studies show that people check their phones at least 96 times a day. Use this statistic to your advantage by implementing a text messaging marketing method that reaches your customers. While you don’t want to text incessantly, it’s a great idea to find a rhythm that keeps you at the top of the consumer’s mind when they’re ready to purchase. Craft messages that are helpful, efficient and easy to follow. It’s also wise to include a link to whatever you’d like them to do. Make the call to action succinct. If you want the consumer to check out the most recent sale, send the link within the text message. All they’ll need to do is tap and get easy access to the sale.

2. Email Newsletter

An email newsletter is an excellent way to engage with your customers. Use it to remind them about upcoming sales, new additions to your eCommerce store and discounts you’re offering. When people join your email list, treat them as if they’re a part of an exclusive tribe. Provide helpful tools and incentives that encourage engagement. Great ways to help them engage involves hosting free webinars and providing surveys. When you get the perspective of your consumer in the form of a survey, you’ll have a headstart on what your company needs to provide within the marketplace. Plus, you can offer first dibs on different products and services to an entire audience of people who are exclusively your customers. Provide great content that encourages people to look forward to your next email newsletter. Use a mass email service in order to gain access to a large number of people at one time.

3. Social Media Ads

Social media ads are relatively inexpensive in comparison to other advertising methods. Since platforms like Facebook and Instagram show no signs of slowing down, it’s a great idea to invest money into getting more people to see your business. One of the most useful components of social media advertising is that you can tailor your ads for your target audience. This is why it’s best to be crystal clear on who your target audience is. Consider the shows they would like and the music they would listen to. Consider some of the cities and zip codes you will find them in. This will be especially helpful for those who are running local businesses.

4. Content Marketing

When people are able to engage with your content on a regular basis, this form of marketing helps to establish trust. It also positions you as an expert in your field. Consider starting a YouTube channel that offers helpful information in a captivating manner. A blog is also an excellent form of content marketing. By using the right search engine optimization strategies, you can attract a lot of relevant business to your company’s front door.

5. Google My Business

The Google My Business feature is ideal for anyone who’s running a local business like an auto body shop or a dental practice. When your business goes through the process of becoming verified by Google, it will automatically recommend your business to those who are looking for businesses within the zip code. A lot of people love using the Google search engine, Google Assistant and Alexa. If they use these features and your business is registered and verified, you’ll rise to the top of the ranks as a recommended option.

How you implement these strategies will be reflective of your company’s goals, approach to business and more. You have to decide what works best for your company as well as your customers. If you notice that a certain strategy isn’t yielding the results you desire, it’s okay to pivot and try something else. Track all of your progress because data will help you make the best decisions when you’re crafting the most effective marketing strategies for your small business in 2020.