Jojoba oil for face acne

Facial acne is a very common and wide-spread teenage problem as anoutcome of increased production of the sebaceous glands during this phase of the growing age due to the hormonal changes linked with puberty. However, the problem may continue well into adulthood.

Many home remedies are used by people all around the world to cure the facial acne.

The title of this article may confuse you, how can an oil, which is known to block pores, actually help cure acne? But, this is true in the case of jojoba oil. Although it is an oil, it is extremely useful in curing various types of skin problems, acne is one of them. Even though jojoba oil is very popular for skin rejuvenation, to prevent acne is still unknown to many. The reason why many people with acne problems do not dare to apply jojoba oil on their face, is that they think, that if it is an oil, it can worsen the condition. However, the truth is that jojoba oil actually controls the production of oil in the skin, which reduces acne.

How does jojoba oil for face acne is used?

Overworking of the sebaceous glands results in blockage of the pores in the face. Dirt, dead cells, etc., get trapped within these pores, which ultimately leads to the formation of acne. Sebum is a waxy substance produced by the oil glands in order to moisten the skin. Overproduction of sebum is responsible for acne. Jojoba oil works such that it somehow deceives the body into believing it to be sebum. Thus, the body does not produce any additional tallow. Jojoba oil easily mixes with natural tallow and breaks it down. This relieves the negative effects of excess sebum.

There is another way Jojoba oil works. Improves overall skin health. That means, it strengthens the epidermis and tightens the skin. This reduces the number of dead cells, thereby decreasing the total number of clogged pores. All this ultimately leads to the prevention of acne.

How to use jojoba oil for face acne?

You can apply it directly on the skin or you can also mix it in an oil-free moisturizer. Take 2-3 drops of the organic jojoba oil on your fingers and massage gently on the skin until all the oil is absorbed. However, make sure your skin as well as your fingertips are well clean. Applying jojoba oil twice a day is a good idea, but too much can give your skin an unwanted glow. So limit yourself to only 4-5 drops of it. Applying jojoba oil at night is particularly beneficial, however, avoid applying it directly to acne.

Jojoba oil for face acneis effective only when you have a mild acne attack. For severe or cystic acne, check with your dermatologist before going for jojoba oil. You may need to use it along with a stronger acne treatment. Jojoba oil is best for eradicating small grains, which may eclipse your appearance. Regular use of jojoba oil can improve the texture of your skin and give it an enviable shine.