Best Headphone Brands In India

Have you heard about the latest in Bose, Sony, and Philips headphones? Are you planning to buy one of them soon? Then here we offer you the best places to get your pair of Sony headphones, Philips headphones, or Bose headphones. These three brands are known for their excellent quality sound systems, making them the most preferred brand for travellers, enthusiasts, and audiophiles. So, do check the price of all these three brands before buying a pair of headphones.


This brand is well-known for its excellent noise cancellation technology, wireless headphones, and earphones. If you are looking for the best headphones in India, then go for the Sennheiser. It offers wireless headphones with a noise-cancelling feature, so no more bother disturbing others with your music. They also manufacture other audio products like headsets and CD players. The price of these headphones is very expensive, but there is a wide range of collections available for those who can afford them.

Top Selling Sennheiser Headphones In India: Sennheiser HD 206 507364 Headphones


The Sony headphones come in different colours and models and are also a great brand for travellers, sports enthusiasts, and sound lovers. Their headphones are very popular as they do not leak even when you are over-ear. In addition, the sound quality of over-ear headphones is excellent. Many people prefer to use Sony headphones as they are comfortable and lightweight.

Top Selling Sony Headphones In India: Sony MDR-XB450AP Wired On-Ear Headphone with Mic


If you are looking for Bose headphones, then there are several options. These headphones are known for their noise cancellation feature and superior sound quality. Another feature of these headphones is that they have longer battery life than most other brands. With long battery life, you can make long-distance calls without any difficulty. However, the battery life of these headphones might be a little short when it comes to receiving phone calls.

Top-Selling Bose Headphones In India: Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 700


The price point of JBL headphones is a bit on the higher side. The headphones are not the cheapest, but their sound quality and comfort level is second to none. The speakerphone adapters of JBL are not at all cheap but are extremely durable. You also get a good warranty along with your purchase of these headphones. So, if you are looking for a high-quality pair of headphones at an affordable price point, then JBL is an ideal brand to start your search with.

Top Selling JBL Headphones In India: JBL Tune 500BT by Harman


These headphones are one of the best options available in the market. The headphones of Philips are extremely comfortable and have very good sound quality. They do not leak even when you are over-ear, and the noise cancellation feature of these headphones is simply superb. However, the price of these headphones is quite high when compared with other brands. The other thing that makes these headphones very attractive is that they are very popular with DJs as well. So, if you are looking for a great pair of headphones with an attractive design, then these are some of the options you can consider.

Top Selling JBL Headphones In India: Philips Audio Upbeat TAUH201BK On-Ear Wired Headphones

Before you buy headphones online, compare the prices and their features on the Xerve website. Choose the headphone which is affordable, durable and has good sound quality.