Corporate Gifting is a common trend in Industry. It is a way of making and maintaining a relationship

with investors, stakeholders, clients and associates. Corporate gifts are a warm gesture during

special occasions. A lot of contemplation and thought process goes into buying the suitable gift for

corporate since the gifts need to be formal yet attractive. People also try to make sure that the

corporate gifts have some functional purpose and do not invest in articles which have only aesthetic

appeal and no use.

Out of many other options, Gadgets make for a brilliant choice for corporate gifting ideas. The fast-

paced life that corporates have these days required gadgets. Gadgets make life easy simplifying a lot

of things. One can accomplish almost anything on finger tips. Gadgets with customized packing are

the best.

List of gadgets for corporate gifts:

 Pendrives

 Flexo Light Keyring

 Atomic Clock- Alarm Clock with Indoor Temperature

 Digital alarm clock

 Mousepad

 Digital Photo Album

 Power Bank

 Bluetooth device

Customized gifts are in trend these days. It offers a personal touch to the gifts making them special

for the receiver. The customized gifting is popular in corporate industry as well. Customized gifts are

also one of the best ways for branding and promotion of the company.

The corporate gifting is common during Diwali, product launch, special events,

and dates. However, corporate gifting is different from the routine ones. The nature of corporate

gifting is formal hence the gifts need to be chosen accordingly.

The customized gifts can

have logos of the company which for a unique touch. This serves the branding purpose of the

company. Customized gifts can be sent to employees, delegates, associates and others in the

industry on special occasions. Diwali and New Years are the best occasions for corporate gifting.

Some of the unique corporate gifting ideas are as follows:

– Calendar

Almost every company gets a calendar of their firm published on the New Years. These calendars

have an interesting theme or concept. Every company tries to incorporate something unique to

stand apart from others. From Digital calendars to calendars with pen stand, there is no limit to

innovation. These calendars are not gifted to employees but also to associates, stakeholders and

esteemed client in industry. The calendars have logo and company information for identity and


– Pendrives

Pendrives are one of the most common corporate gifting items. One can give a customized touch to

the pen drive by getting a special box made for the pen drive. The box can have a company logo and

personalized message for distinct touch. The pen drive is a useful gadget and would be loved by the


– Planner

One of the essential parts of any corporate professional is their planner which helps in planning their

day and keeps important notes and dates handy. Almost each company gets a planner published

which has a unique theme, colour palette, and logo along with company name on the planner. For a

customized planner, one can get the name of each receiver printed on the front page.

Custom corporate gifts can be sourced from shopkeeper dealing with the publishing of planners and

calendars. For customized gift boxes a bulk order can be given to the shop keeper as per