Let’s face it. There’s no dearth of agencies hiring photo booths and services of ‘experts’ have ‘years of experience. Most of the agencies appear to have everything that you could have asked for, friendly services, ‘superb’ customer services, competitive price, attractive and useful features. Wait… what can be the best ‘features’ of a photo booth agency to look for. The answer is not easy you know! The market is literally flooded with too many options. So what about getting an idea of what’s hot and what’s not, when the best features while looking for a photo booth hiring agency is concerned?

Here’s help…


Touch screen technology

Make sure that the photo booth you hire has a touch screen display inside. This will make the selection of options easy for your booth visitors. The idea is to make the photo booth so user friendly that anyone from a 4 year-old to the 84 year old can operate it in a jiffy. A photo booth with custom-up lighting system deserve extra applauds.

Video Messaging

The photo booth company you hire should offer services like recording short video messages such as wishing good luck for bride and groom and even to thank someone on his retirement party. The videos will be supplied to the event manager after the party on DVD. The feature is free of cost and can be made disable on request. And of course, when it comes to capturing still shots, then you can hardly go with a company that does not use high-definition camera to get the job done.

Prop box

A suitcase packed with props which will arrive at the venue. And electrical range of wonderful accessorises which includes mask glass lipsticks and moustaches, speech bubbles and many more quirky elements. If you want be a cowboy the company will help.

Live Monitor

There should be an external monitor through which life footage can be seen from inside of the number of people waiting outside. It always creates laughter and fun. You can disable it on request.

iPad Upload (photo sharing)

Your photo Photo Booth Hire should offer access to iPod where company can view photos and reload or upload the photos on twitter, Facebook, Instagram feed and the like.

vFacebook Upload

Make sure that the company you seek services from helps you to freely upload the photographs on the Facebook pages directly. Who wants to wait till the party gets over to share the pictures, right?

Online Gallery

Company gets much possess event photos through download file on vast images such as order reprints or you may download files through your own personal password protected gallery by making your own prints.

Green Screen

Guests love shooting green screen images so make sure that the company you hire takes great care of it. In case you are still wondering what green screens are all about, then you should know that nowadays, this technology is being used by everyone, including movie makers, TV producers and even the YouTube freak you have next door to create cool and interesting backdrops and effects. However, to get the finest results, it is important the photo shoot is done by a professional who has some experience in handling this technology.

Of course, what you have read till now is just a brief idea on some of the best features in a photo booth to create images with a difference. Always feel free to use the power of your creativity to produce outstanding pictures, even without the aid of complicated technologies. You can make it for sure! Start experimenting!

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