For women, beauty rituals are more than important, as they help them stay young for as long as it is possible. They use moisturizing creams, lotions and concealers, all with the purpose of fighting the signs of aging. In the past few years, more and more women have started to show an interest in facial exercises and for all the right reasons. It has been proven that facial exercises can represent an excellent alternative to beauty treatments, helping one remove any existent wrinkles and tighten sagging skin at the same time.

There are a number of facial exercises that you can easily try at home, destined to eliminate facial wrinkles or, at least, make them less visible. We have included some of the easiest, yet most efficient, so be sure to have fun while giving them a try.

  1. You can begin this exercise by placing your index fingers under the eyes, making sure that the tips point toward the nose. For the next step, open your mouth, hide your teeth and bring the lips closer together, without actually closing the mouth. Next, look at the ceiling and flutter the upper eyelids for half a minute. Relax and repeat the exercise.
  1. For the second exercise, you will have to begin by looking straight ahead and placing your fingertips at the bottom of the neck. Then, tilt your head backward and apply gentle pressure on the skin (downward direction). Return to the original position and repeat the exercise. For the next step, pull the corners of your mouth down, as much as it is possible. Then, place your fingertips at the bottom of the neck, making sure that the chin points upwards. Maintain this position for four breaths (deep breaths recommended).
  2. In order to perform this facial exercise, use your hands to make a C-shape around both eyes. Then, you will have to relax the muscles at the level of the forehead and try to open your eyes as wide as it is possible. It is recommended to repeat the exercise three times, then maintain the position for about ten seconds.
  3. For this exercise, you will have to begin by puffing out your cheeks and squeezing your lips as much as it is possible. Then, all you have to do is use your hands and gently tap on the puffed cheeks. Repeat the exercise for half a minute, then relax and repeat once more.
  4. You can begin this exercise by puffing out your cheeks as well, making sure that your lips are pursed (exactly as above). Then, all you have to do is transfer the air from one cheek to the other. It is recommended to repeat the process for about half a minute, then relax and repeat once more.
  5. This exercise is recommended for toning the muscles that insert on the jaw. For the best results, you will have to pinch the jawline in three points, going in the direction of the ears. You can begin the exercise by placing your thumbs on the bottom of the jaw. Then, all you have to do is move them on the three jaw points that you have previously chosen. When you reach the ears, remove the thumbs and relax.
  6. This is the kind of exercise that is fun and yet highly effective. You can begin by tilting your head back and, looking at the sky, pursue your lips and imitate a kiss. Repeat the kiss ten times, then relax and take deep breaths. When you exhale, pursue your lips, as if you were sending someone a kiss by air. Relax and repeat the last step two more times.
  7. This final exercise is meant to promote relaxation, having a positive effect on all of the muscles on your face for skin care. You can begin by tapping all of your fingers gently on the face. For the next step, it is recommended that you rub your hands together and, once they are warm, apply them over your eyes (make sure that they are closed first). Then, breathe deeply and allow your facial muscles to relax. Finish with a deep breath and you are all done.

These are just a couple of suggestions but repeating these facial exercises on a daily basis will allow you to look young and fresh. It is no wonder that more and more women perform facial exercises, given how effective they really are. You can finally say goodbye to wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging. In fact, only after a couple of days, you will see that your skin is no longer sagging and that the rejuvenation process has begun. And, as an added benefit, these facial exercises, like any other movement, will release endorphins, the happiness hormones.