What does Easter mean to you? For some people, it’s the most important celebration of their religion. Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ, while Easter marks his crucifixion and resurrection, which is the foundation of the Christian faith. Sometimes, Easter coincides with the Jewish Passover, so there’s a kind of double celebration.

The secular world enjoys Easter too, though their symbols are more driven by chocolate eggs and bunnies. It’s also a good time for a road trip since the long weekend means four to five days off work in many countries. Either way, Easter gift hampers are bound to include lots of chocolate, so here are a few ideas to sate your clients’ sweet tooth.

Choc eggs in a carton

All over the world, kids indulge in Easter Egg hunts to celebrate the season. Usually, their treasures take the form of hard-boiled eggs with colourful designs painted on the outside. Sometimes, egg shells are painted raw, after extracting the egg itself. Other times, the eggs are boiled first, then painted and hidden for the kids to find.

Adults can have fun with eggs too. Send your client an innocuous-looking egg carton, but instead of raw omelettes, they will find chocolate eggs wrapped in glossy coloured foil. You can pick a colour that matches their brand. Available options include red, blue, gold, green, purple, and pink. Each carton contains six eggs, and each egg weighs 17g.

This gift is great for mass clients, because you can order the right foil colour, and orders are made en-masse, at a minimum of 50 cartons per colour. If anyone your clients is averse to chocolate or lactose intolerant, you can get them a different present, though this adorable carton would probably still be appreciated and passed on to the kids or significant other.

Lindt Mixed Bag

For the more discerning chocolate lover, Swiss delicacies will make a huge impression. Luckily, Lindt offers a special bag of chocolate just for Easter. This mixed bag contains all the elements of a proper Easter feast, beautifully packaged in glossy chocolate foil.

The full bag weighs about 80g, and you can order them for all your clients. You might have to since the minimum order volume is 50. Each bag contains two chocolate eggs, two chocolate bunnies, and two chocolate carrots to go with the bunnies. The package itself is quite small, just 100 mm by 200 mm, and be careful that everything doesn’t melt during delivery.

Chocolate Bliss

Easter chocolate goodies don’t have to be bunny-themed or egg-shaped. Sometimes it’s the thought that counts, and if you want something a little hefty, you could get a bigger package wrapped in tissue and placed in a signature gift box. It comes with a gift card too so that you can include a special message. This gift hamper is ideal for high-end clients and management.

Chocolate Bliss contains a variety of cookies and chocolate delicacies that will sate the recipient’s palate. You get miniature melting moments in salted caramel flavour, chocolate fudge, rocky road, and an assortment of dark chocolate. There’s some milk chocolate in there too. For this hamper, the presentation is as much of a statement as the contents themselves.

DIY sports baskets

While high-end corporates aren’t likely to be impressed by DIY projects, there are certain industries where that personal touch makes a bigger statement than something commercial. In boutique food chains, bookstores, or restaurants, they can really make an impression. As a supplier, developing a hamper by hand shows your client you know them and care. If your client is a sports fan, you could find out their favourite team, then get branded packaging.

It could be a box or bag with the team logo, or you could get a generic cardboard box or bucket and stick the team’s emblem on it. Fill the box with team merchandise, like a ball, a cap, a jersey, or an umbrella. Then throw in some chocolate Easter bunnies or eggs. You might even include a gift card to a good sports store, or a ticket to a game featuring their team, depending on what your budget allows.

Baker’s delight

Say you’re in the food industry, and you supply goods to a delicatessen. Or maybe you just happen to know your client likes to make their own sweet treats. Consider creating a DIY Easter hamper. Start with a wicker basket or massive mixing bowl. Fill it with playful Easter-themed baking tools. They already have their own, so make these one stand out.

They could, for example, have bunny-shaped handles, or bright, cheerful colours. You should include cookie cutters shaped like bunnies, or twist-and-shut Easter eggs that can be filled with culinary spices. Include some popular cake mixes, cookie doughs, and flavoured frosting. You could also include an Easter cookbook. Don’t forget the chocolate!