If you have the intentions of going out whether for holiday or for travel, shooting and recording can be a real fun with these best travel cameras,  although the shooting abilities of smart mobile phones are also improving day by day, but their zoom ability is very limited.

It is a wise decision to select a suitable camera for your travel. In considerations of the convenience during the travel, more and more people select light travel cameras. Well, the only purpose is to avoid excessive and heavy burden during the travel.

Today we will review one of the best compact cameras for travel and you also can check full article on https://shootsearcher.com/best-travel-cameras/

Nikon D3300 can be matched with two kinds of 18-55mm lens, including AF-S lens with use of an ultrasonic motor and AF-P lens with use of stepper motor. D3300 is a little bigger than 100D in volume. With the contraction function provided by the lens kit, there is the advantage for overall volume.

D3300 features numerous supplementary functions for beginners with the learning point of view, but it also provides all-around operation and control. There is nothing to worry about if it is used as a backup camera.

The same as Canon 100D, Nikon D3300 defines its sensitivity scope as ISO 100-12800 (expanded to ISO 25600). The 24.2 Megapixel is far better than Canon 18 Megapixel. In addition, these two cameras are also holding pentamirror viewfinder. Luckily, the view rate of both cameras can reach 100%.

The focusing system also has one crossing focusing point. The total focusing ability of Nikon camera is up to 11 point, so still it is two points advance than Canon cameras.

Various operation and control configurations can be found on the top of the digital camera, such as shutter speed dial and exposure compensation dial. This travel camera is provided with the hot shoe and with a mini flashlight attached at the same time.

The high resolution electronic viewfinder is located on the top of left side of the camera body. The framing experience is similar to the rangefinder camera. It is regretful that the 3″ display does not support touch control and tilting. It is also considerable thing to note that the camera supports to shoot 4K video.


The original 16 Megapixel sensor’s  output is only 12 Megapixel maximum, it is due to the length-width ratio (16:9). Even so, the image quality of the camera is still remarkable. It is bright-colored and vivid with low sensitivity and clear and transparent with high sensitivity. The automatic focusing is accurate and quick.


support 4K video shooting

built-in Wi-Fi and NFC facilitates wireless control and sharing.

Panasonic Lumix DMC ZS100 has the preferential appearance and features anti-vibration and electronic viewfinder, but it do not provided with tiling display, which reduces the important self-photographing function of the pocket camera.


Nikon can provide excellent photo resolution, very thanks to 24.2 Megapixel low-pass sensors. The highest continuous shooting speed is five shots per second, which is superior in the performance of 4 pieces per second as compare to Canon. The image quality maintains the consistent bright-colored style of Canon


good image quality,

small and easy to be carried.


The LCD cannot tilt.

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