A day at the beach can be fun and relaxing, but sometimes there are thing you need to do right after you leave your sandy and wet beach fun time. While you likely at least have a restroom at the beach you can change in, you still want something that can either easily be carried in your beach bag to change into or something you can just as easily throw over your suit once you’ve air dried.

Before getting into some of the great beach clothes, aside from bathing suits, that you’ll want in your spring and summer wardrobe, there are a few other things you should have with you in your beach bag if you want to be on the go from the beach.

Keep a bottle of hand lotion, a tangle comb and some leave-in conditioner with you. Sometimes swimming can dry your skin out and you want to look smooth. Plus, if you are stopping at the grocery store on the way home you don’t want your hair looking all crazy, so a good combing and some conditioner to softening it back up are must haves. Swimming in a pool can be even worse for your skin and hair.

beach cover ups

Pants and Tops

Your easy carry along for clothing is going to be a nice, loose, versatile tank top that you can toss on right over your bathing suit top. If you shop in colors that look great with your suit no one will even notice it.

Pair with it a great pair of summer pants and you’ll look like a rock star at the pharmacy, or wherever it is you need to stop. If it’s even too warm for a nice loose pair of pants you can also opt for some shorts.

The Ease of a Cover Up

Not all cover ups for bathing suits are created equal. There are some that you probably should only wear on the beach or at home, rather than making someone feel like they are getting a peep show in a shopping center. However, with a little shopping around you can find some great dress-like cover ups, like a few of the ones available through Lagaci.com. They too have some sheer and sexy ones, but their Ready-Set-Glow and Senorita Bonita styles are nearly good enough for a night out.

If you need a little more coverage, a maxi dress is perfect. Pretty much any old lightweight sundress will do, especially if you’re just picking up some things at the party store or grocery before heading home from the beach.

It’s summer, people aren’t expecting to see women walking around in snow pants and parkas. Show a little skin if you have to. As long as you’re wearing a shirt and shoes they’ll sell you that loaf of bread.