A pub is an establishment that was originally known as a public house and it is licensed to sell alcoholic beverages, food and also offer side delights like a game of darts or a hand at the pool table. It is an integral part of the British culture a runs in the veins of the working man. It is a common sight in London or other cities to see people take some time out after work and grab a seat at their favourite pub for a couple of drinks before heading home for dinner with the family. If you are in the mood for a party with your friends, I would suggest a good and reputable pubs over a bar.

5 Reasons To Go For A Party:

  1. Unlike a bar, where you have to jostle for space amongst the nymphets and the nymphet seekers, a pub allows for a relaxed and much less crowded environment, where you can get a table for your group and sit back with a pitcher of ale. There are no flashing strobe lights and thumping gorilla accompanying the crazy movements that pass for dancing at most bars and nightclubs.
  2. You will find that the faces in the pub are familiar faces, people in your neighborhood you have known for a long time. This air of familiarity is not to be found in bars or nightclubs where you find an unknown and younger generation with their wild ways quite discordant with your plans for a party with close friends. Hell, if you have to shout to make yourself heard to the person next to you, it does make you hoarse quickly. And your friends will have a hard time with their eardrums.
  3. A good party involves plenty of drinking, at least that’s what I think, and a pub allows you to slouch in your seat and spread out if you’re feeling high. The best part is that you don’t have to bother about getting up as you have your friends.
  4. There is no entry fee for going to a pub. This alone is a good enough excuse, why should you have to pay in order to have a good time? You’re paying for the food and drinks anyway. Pub owners understand this logic and also the fact that local footfall would decrease if there was an entrance fee. Besides, there are games at pubs, where during the course of the party, you can try your hand at a dart board or snook a ball or two.
  5. Pubs often offer a good view of the outside streets and sidewalks where you can let your gaze wander, choose a corner table with your friends, indulge in banter and fun, try out the homemade beer from a pitcher, or a few shots of jack Daniels and tuck into some delicious food, which will bring back memories of previous visits.


The best part is the “lock down”. This is a scenario where the pub owner at his discretion, closes the pub to all other visitors after hours, barring you and your entourage, so you have the run of the place. Of course, you do have to pay for this and there’s no fixed rate, it totally depends on the owner’s disposition. However, the freedom of a space restricted to others gives the pubs an air of privacy that cannot be had at a bar or a nightclub.

How To Choose A Pub For Your Fun Activities?

It is important to choose a pub that has a valid license. Apart from this, the atmosphere prevailing in the bar and the type of food and drinks they serve are also important factors to consider.