A birthday is something that comes only once a year. After months and months of waiting the day someone was born finally arrives. Everyone wants their birthday to be special. The loved ones of the birthday boy or birthday girl also want this day to be special and memorable. If you are reading this, it is safe to assume that your kid’s birthday is around the corner. An important part of a child’s birthday is the party he or she throws for her friends. For them, it’s fun and frolic but for you, it could very well end up becoming a nightmare.

Kids these days don’t want the usual birthday party. They want something fun and different since they have already seen and attended a lot of generic birthday parties. Now, this can really put you in a fix since you can be at your wit’s end and still not come up with an idea for a different birthday party. Luckily, we are here to help you with that with this segment on innovative birthday party ideas.

1. Colour themed Birthday Party :

You can throw a birthday party with a pre-decided color theme. Everyone comes dressed according to the color theme. All the activities and games at the party are also based on the color. Better still, even the food is based on the color. The theme can be the birthday boy’s or birthday girl’s favorite color. The theme needs to be decided well in advance and the same needs to be communicated to the people you intend to invite beforehand. This is a good way to add some spice to an otherwise regular birthday party.

2. Superhero or Princess themed birthday :

Most boys love superheroes and most girls love princesses. Girls can love superheroes and boys can love princesses as well but that is based on personal preferences. You can throw a superhero or princess themed birthday party for your kid. For the superhero theme, everyone comes dressed as their favorite superhero. For the princess theme, everyone comes dressed as their favorite princess. You can even combine both into one and tell children to come dressed as their favorite superhero or princess. This is a good idea as these two topics are bound to excite almost every kid and it will add a huge park to the birthday party.

3. Halloween themed birthday party :

It is a well-known truth that kids love Halloween. More than the trick or treat, it’s about dressing up in those fancy costumes which excites the kids. How about a second Halloween on your child’s birthday? You can throw your child a Halloween themed birthday party. Everyone comes dressed in their favorite Halloween costumes. All games and activities at the birthday party are based on or related to Halloween. The food can be Halloween themed as well. It can have scary names, or it can look scary. A Halloween themed party is sure to excite almost every child in the neighborhood and it will make your child’s birthday really special.

4. Hire a game truck :

This is a totally out of the box idea that is sure to make your child’s birthday thrilling and exquisite. You can hire a game truck for his or her birthday. Everyone at the party will be able to play video games together and enjoy themselves. It provides for a unique bonding experience which remains unparalleled till date. It will be something really unique, so your child will remember it all his or her life. Professional game truck services like Gamer vs. Gamer have made this an attractive option.

Planning a birthday party really is a challenging task. Hopefully, you will be able to adopt some of the brilliant ideas listed above. Good Luck!