It’s not mandatory to visit bars to celebrate your birthday and probably lose all your money on your bills, agreed? Our parents used to bash and organize wonderful birthday parties for us when we were kids.

How about now? I mean there are a variety of activities that one can do on his/her birthday, making ourselves and others happy around. Honestly, I hate celebrating birthdays, especially if it’s mine. We have got plenty of ways to celebrate birthdays; it isn’t mandatory to have our birthdays rocked only at the bars and pubs. It can be unique, different, memorable, and can make someone’s day too.

Hence, if you are bored with those same old parties with your friends and colleagues, then here we have listed down some exciting things to do on your birthday to make your special day extra special.


Won’t traveling be exciting enough?

I mean true traveling, not exploring places or pubs nearby with your friends on your birthday evening. Try flying off to some exotic place where you never thought or planned to go. Sounds interesting? Go alone, or with your siblings, or with your entire family and friends.

Literally, there could be no best time than your birthday to explore the hidden parts of the world. It will be a fresh and new experience for you. Even psychologists have stated that trying and exploring some places by yourself could be adventurous indeed. This birthday, gift yourself with mind-blowing places and cities that you have always dreamt of visiting.

How about some fresh air?

Parties are expensive and tiring. How about some beaches? Yes, indeed! Expose yourself to fresh air and have some nature baths too. Both your mind and body will be relaxed and will feel peace inside and out.

No medicines can cure your stress as nature does. Go to beaches, rest your feet over the sand, and just sit somewhere to calm yourself down. It will certainly be a new thing to do on your birthday. It will totally change the frame of your mind. Birthdays are special, celebrating such a special day with nature is the perfect gift that you can receive.

Aren’t bonfire nights amazing?

It’s your birthday, if none of your friends are planning the day for you, you plan it for them! Being a little spontaneous, especially on your birthday, is no wrong. Get your friends and family along to the beach and let the day pass. Wait till the dawn, light up the fire, and have some music and dance.

It will indeed be cheering and pleasant. You can also get your loved one along, and it would be the perfect time to spend some quality time together with all your dear ones.

Talk to someone with whom you have cut the contacts!

Okay, this is going to be a little hassling, but trust me, it will turn out great for both of you. Often, with our day to day routines, we forget someone or the other in our life, and there’s no one to be blamed for it. We do have a machine life, but the right people in our lives are always to be remembered.

It will be worth your while, and thoroughly this will make the person’s day. It is indeed an excellent opportunity to call that someone and asks about their well-being. It can be anyone — your friends, family, or probably someone you love too.

Saying thank you for birthday wishes

Birthdays are a lot special, especially when you thank your well-wishers on this auspicious occasion. Rather than thanking plainly, why don’t you thank everyone with some return gifts?

Won’t that be a great idea? Your wishers will feel special and valued too.

Go, attend a music concert!

This will entirely be fun and unforgettable. Everyone loves music, so book a ticket for any of your favorite musician’s shows and make the birthday evening all about you. Music festivals and events are an amazing idea to spend your special day. Music undoubtedly relaxes us, calms our minds, which is totally necessary!

Music can tap your emotional depth, which will make you high with zero hangovers. Music has the power to heal, and try going with your closed ones or extremely near ones to have a great birthday.

Do some activities

Birthdays have always been about drinking and partying, why don’t you plan something different for your birthday this year? Activities can be anything around you! Some may love water sports, some may love nature, while some may love wildlife, and literally, all of these things are exciting.

Mountains, fresh air, and the greens are something that fills your soul till the core. If you are an animal lover, wildlife safaris would be extraordinary and mesmerizing for you. Theme parks could be mind-blowing too. However, these activities depend upon your interest!

Spend the day with a poor or needy!

We are lucky to have people love us no matter what! We are fortunate that we get everything that we desire for. Have you ever thought about a homeless or a needy person challenging his/her hunger every day?

The orphans, who don’t have anyone to take care of, you can be their guardian for a day. It will make them feel special. Doing good deeds on your birthday will give peace to your inner self, and that’s very important. Try doing so, it will be a pleasing experience, and your day will be extra special!

Stay home

Birthdays and staying home could be a little boring, but if that’s what you prefer, then it can be exciting enough! You can make the day more memorable by doing what you always wanted to do. You can play your favorite music loudly and dance. Or you can try preparing your favorite meal for yourself with a glass of wine.

Treat yourself with loads of gifts, and have a good time with your special one.

A surprise visit to a long-distance friend

Friends or a special one, if it’s long-distance, it hurts! It’s your birthday, book a plane or a train to the city where your friend stays, reach and just ring the doorbell. Surprise your friend with gifts and goodies.

Spend the entire day with your friend, explore the city, laugh, talk, gossip, hug, cry, and finally wave a bye! It will be a different experience, try it!


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