Ad servers are meant to ease the process of selling ads for digital businesses. Ad servers are a web server that hosts data about advertisements and sends the content of the advertisement to various online platforms, mobile applications, and websites. Today’s marketing activities cannot be complete without buying and selling advertisements.

Businesses that rely on the internet for marketing purposes commonly pull visitors to their online platforms by purchasing traffic sources. At some point, this traffic might become too huge to manage, especially when there is a need to manage a big number of traffic channels. If your online business has numerous traffic sources that are becoming hectic to manage, you may need to try using ad servers to help the situation.

Why ad servers?

The ad server achieves three central interconnected objectives:

  • Locate the most appropriate advertisement for each searcher
  • Recognize the advertisement with the topmost profit projection
  • Analyze the progress of all advertising promotions

The roles that thead server plays are significant in ensuring transparency and accountability among all the involved parties in online advertisement.


It is not only simple to add new advertisements, but also to get rid of the old ones. Ad servers have simple to use interface, which makes it easy for any user to manage their advertising content appropriately even if they lack broad technical understanding or extensive training.

Designing bigger, or more multifaceted ad materials can be time-consuming and burdensome devoid of ad servers’ help. Ad servers provide an easy way of exhibiting and handling many advertisements across many online platforms.

Continuous advertisement campaign optimization

The number of searchers who end up becoming clients gauges the effectiveness of any online programmatic advertisement. The ability to monitor the targeted activities of the consumers for more performance optimization can immensely expand the effectiveness of the media purchasing process.

For your online business, it is essential to recognize where most of your online buyers spend their online time and spend more money there as opposed to spending money on sites that never direct customers to your business.

Rea-time analytics

Ad servers enable business owners to analyze how their different ad complains are contributing to conversions. They track the performance of various advertisement campaigns by gathering information about advertisement serving action, for instance, referrer, mobile carrier, location, time zone, OS, screen size, and browser.

Ad servers can as well track advertisement fraud. For example, when you see 3000000 impressions and no conversion, it may be due to ad fraud.

Flexible advertisement selling arrangements

Ad servers enable the business owner to try various valuing prototypes, for instance, flat rate, CPA, CPM, and CPC. The business owner can even advertise their own business along with affiliate ones to boost the visibility of their business. After the ad complains, you can generate and analyze the data to determine whether the advert served the purpose.

Conversion tracking

As a digital marketer, you should be interested in knowing the number of views that resulted in more customers to your online business. The ad server provides you with that information. Tracking conversions can be achieved through tracking the publisher’s site where most revenue is generated, monitoring earlier user activity to personalize the future ads to this particular user, an app download tracker, etc.

The Bottom Line

An ad server’s main role is to deliver and monitor online advertisements for digital businesses. It a more powerful digital complaint tool compared to other forms of marketing. A web server is meant to convey advertisements to online users in a targeted fashion, through multiple online routes like mobile phone applications, internet, social media, and mobile websites.

When the sources of your conversions are growing to unmanageable levels, your online business may need the help of an ad server for better, cheap, and easy management of your online business’s ads.