Needless to say that Blue sapphire stone is considered the most valuable gemstone after diamond. In the ancient time, we have heard that many emperor and queens of the royal clan wore this stone.  This gemstone has a very influential impact on people’s life. This becomes very lucky and it has the power to change the luck of wearer. Blue sapphire is also called neelmani and indraneel. This is very tough and lustrous in nature and women love this stone very much. Blue is considered a royal color and it can be used as the rings and earrings.

Astrological Value of Neelam Stone

India is a religious country and Blue sapphire stone has a great astrological value and it is one of the nine precious gemstones. As per the astrology, blue sapphire has the strength to carry out social prestigious, improve the financial status, wealth and happiness.  It is a known fact that blue sapphire has medicinal qualities that keeps wearer healthy.

The accurate way to wear Blue Sapphire

As per the suggestion of astrologers and gemologist this precious stone should be covered by gold metal and worn in the middle finger of right hand. Saturday is the most ideal day to wear this stone. While wearing this Neelam Stone, the wearer should chant the mantra Sham Shaneshcharaya Namaha” under the guidance of priest or astrologers.

Several Benefits of Neelam Stone

When we talk about the Benefits of Neelam Stone, it has the capability to bring prosperity and social reputation to the wearer. It nurtures, cures and brings balance in body, mind and soul.  If you wear this stone at the right time under the guidance of expert astrologers can help you in the development of professional life and carry out positive changes in personal life.  Wearing blue stone prevent you from anxiety, stress, accidents and thefts. Blues sapphire is also a symbol of humbleness, power, excellence, aspiration, guidance, obedience and durability. It also helps in digestion and wearer can earn money, property and fame.

There are plenty of Benefits of Neelam Stone which are limitless and once you wear this elegant stone, you will definitely feel the positive transformation in your life.

How to Buy Blue Sapphire

We have read about Neelam stone benefits but now we should also know from where and how we can buy this Neelam Stone.  You can buy good quality and 100% original Blue sapphire stone at Dhanshree Gems is one of the most popular gemstone suppliers in Delhi India. They provide you natural and as well as untreated stone on your demand

How to take care of Neelam stone

The hardness of Blue sapphire is considered as 9, which is the toughest gemstone after diamond. It is hard to break this stone, but that doesn’t mean you can take this casually. They should be taken care properly and it should be clean only by the gemstone cloth, gentle brush or cotton with lukewarm water and mild washing powder. Mix mild washing powder in a mug of lukewarm water and softly clean the Neelam stone with cotton or gentle brush. After that, you can make it dry with the help of gentle leather and cleaning cloth.

Who should wear Blue Sapphire gemstone?

People should wear this blue sapphire only after consultation with astrologers. You should see your horoscope with the help of astrologer and then consult them about wearing this stone and if the position of planet in your horoscope allows you to wear this stone then you can go for it. This blue sapphire stone is mainly ideal for people who have a zodiac sign of Aquarius and Capricorn.  Both these zodiac signs are governed by Saturn planet and if you Saturn planet is weak then you should definitely wear this stone to seek the blessing and power of Saturn

What are the reasons for wearing Blue Sapphire?

Wearing this stone bring excellence and a proactive approach to your mind so that you can do things in an accurate way. It influences wearer to have his/her clear vision and do things in a right manner. If you feel that you are not intellectual enough or your mind is not sharp to grab things easily then this gemstone will help you take your own decision as well as sharpness in your mind. The prosperity, health and wellness is also coming to you naturally.