Fume extraction systems is paramount for any industry. It is important to keep your workplace free from any allergens or dust. It is also used for keeping the workplace healthy so that the people who are working there don’t get affected by any respiratory issue. There are several advantages of the fume extraction systems, and in this blog, we are going to highlight the same.

Types of Fume Extraction Systems:

Let’s explore what the different types of fume extraction systems are:

  • Mechanical Dilution Ventilation: This system consists of wall fans, and roof exhaust to reduce airborne containment
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation: It removes pollution that can affect the breathing zone of the worker, thereby causing respiratory issues.  These are of the following types:
  • Downdraft Table: In this the fumes are drawn down back via grid into the exhaust duct, thus preventing its mixing into the breathing zone.
  • Portable High Vacuum: These are good for welding and fabrication shops, even schools. These are highly flexible, it can be wall-mounted, or you can place it  on the mobile unit.
  • Mobile Fume Extractors; These are mobile and can be placed in the area of requirement. These are available in medium and heavy-duty mobile systems.

Benefits of Fume Extraction Systems:

Now you know about the different fume extraction systems, let’s explore the benefits of the same:

1. Creating a Healthy Work Environment: One of the first benefits of using an efficient fume extraction system is that it helps in creating a healthy working environment in factors and manufacturing units, where a lot of fumes and dust are present. Efficient fume extraction systems can easily extract the fumes and dust, thus creating a healthy workplace. These dust and suit particles in the air can be a cause of allergy and sometimes severe respiratory issues.

2. Lesser Absenteeism at Work: A healthy workplace is important. It ensures that employees don’t fall sick, and hence it also reduces absenteeism. If there is higher absenteeism, and then it will affect the productivity of the organization, companies also offer health coverage, and if the employees fall sick because of poor work condition, then it also increases the health coverage cost of the company, with a good fume extraction system along with other facilities. It becomes easier for the company to create a healthy workplace, which also leads to a safe working environment.

3. Motivates the Employees: If any company takes care of its employee, then it also impacts their motivation level. Adding the right set of accessories and support for the workforce is a move in this direction. Taking care of employees, health is paramount. You can get the best fume extraction systems and create a healthy and hygienic workplace. A healthier environment helps the employee to focus on the work, and it also enhances the productivity of the organization.

Concluding Thoughts

With these set of advantages beneficial for both the company and the workforce, adding a fume extraction system is a good move. It is important that you must choose the right fume extraction system. It must be of the best quality and should match your requirement. For example, if you are looking for a fume extraction system for a larger space, then it’s important that it should be bigger and should be able to extract fumes from the area.

A healthy environment creates a focused workforce, and it helps the employees to focus on the work. Hence, if you are looking to maintain a healthy workplace, then adding a fume extraction system is a must.