Children’s Development

Benefits of Childcare To Children’s Development

Childcare isn’t just about babysitting your child while you are at work. Nor is it lazy parenting. A top-quality childcare service will benefit your child immensely. Studies have shown that the first six years of a child’s life are their most formative and a child who has spent at least one year in childcare have better academic results and they tend to lead more successful adult lives. Let’s explore some of the benefits of childcare to children’s development.


By putting your child into childcare, they learn some of the necessary skills before they start school, giving them a step-up on the children who didn’t have childcare. Many children don’t meet a variety of children from different backgrounds until school. So, childcare is good for the children to socialise and learn how to make friends. Childcare also helps children develop their fine and gross motor skills and teaches them how to problem solve. During their formative years (0-6), children learn routines, habits, morals, emotional resilience, and more. Trying new things is encouraged, healthy eating and exercise is introduced, and a quality childcare provider can instil a lifelong love of learning by taking advantage of the child’s natural curiosities and their interests.

School readiness

Unless you are an early childhood educator then chances are you won’t know exactly what your child needs to be ready for school. Preschools or School Readiness Programs are designed to ensure your child knows everything they need to make them feel secure and confident at school. The worst thing for any child is to feel that everyone else is smarter than them. It leaves them feeling vulnerable, uncomfortable, and not wanting to be there. A school-ready child is more likely to excel and thrive with confidence.


Another, little thought of benefit of childcare is the health impact it has. Not only do most childcare providers focus on healthy, nutritious foods, healthy moving and exercise, but it can also help your child’s immune system. Often a child that stays at home doesn’t come across a large variety of germs and cold bugs etc., so their immune system hasn’t had as much practice at protecting them from viruses and other illnesses. At childcare there is much more happening, and their body gets stronger internally. Before they enter school where there are hundreds of children, with millions of germs. Its not just about their health either though, they learn about allergies and intolerances that other children may have. Which also makes the children more tolerant and empathic.

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With all the benefits of childcare to a child’s development, it is not just something you have to use because you must work, nor is it luxury-time for stay-at-home parents. It is a necessary piece in the development of your child and a must for their future.