When we come to the name of an electrician in simple words it just means the tradesman or the tradespeople who are there for us to install and repair the wiring that is found in the buildings, and the different kinds of the electrical system. The people working for this form of occupation are known to be the people who specialize in these kinds of work. You can get the best electricians individually, or else, talk to an agency to get the best ones on hire. These people are given equal importance as compared to the other tradesman as they with their hard work supplies the whole world to live peacefully as if they refuse to do their part then this would be the cause of a great downfall as electricity is something that we see everywhere. Right from mending a small fuse to catering to the entire electrical wiring system of your home, you need an electrician to get the electrical system done in the most perfect manner.

Different Types Of Electrician


This field of the electrician has taken a great place as the development with the advanced technologies is increasing the need of these people is also increasing as there happens some kind of default on every second day so the profession of the electrician can be further divided into the four main categories:

  • The residential electricians: These are the kinds of electricians that are majorly concerned with the working in the dwellings of the home that could be from the simple family houses to the large apartment complexes.
  • The commercial electricians: There are many offices or buildings that we found in almost every area of the cities as they serve the purpose of the employment and even the retail outlets, the schools and the hospitals. The work as in to install and repaid the el; electrical system that is found in these kinds of buildings and even on the places with the new construction.
  • Industrial electricians: These electricians are concerned with the performing of the installation and the repairing of the electrical components that are used and found in the industrial setting, but they differ a bit as they may include the working in the high voltage at the locations of the industries.
  • The low voltage electricians: As the name suggests, they are involved with the working of the low voltage systems that include the voice, data and the video. Their work has the prime focus on the working of the phone lines and with the fiber optic cable repair used in any setting where these kinds of materials are used.

The Common Tasks Are Undertaken By An Electrician

Electrician mentioned above is classified into the different kinds of groups which are followed by different kinds of works that they undertake to fulfill the specified job. Some perform the large scale duties while some with a small scale depending on the kind or type of electrician they are.

The electricity in today’s time is needed everywhere for the smooth working of everyday routine in the homes and the offices as when it comes to home there is a need for the circuit of the water heater and even the use of the circuit for the heating and the air conditioners units. There are breaker boxes, electrical circuit repairing works and any form of troubleshooting that can also take place when there is a dire need for the electrician.

Hence, these electricians are given different kinds of jobs and even they are classified according to their jobs as mentioned above and hold great importance. An electrician generally goes for an apprenticeship program and they also take on-job training responsibilities.