Bedroom Furniture Sets – Important Pieces of Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom furniture sometimes referred to simply as bedroom furniture or bedroom set usually consists of a collection of bedroom furniture plus a set of bedroom accessories. Accessories that are included in bedroom sets are nightstands, chests, dressers, wardrobes or chests, and other similar pieces of bedroom furniture. A bed is an important part of the bedroom furniture since it serves as the main storage space for clothing, linens, other items needed in the bedroom, lamps or ceiling fans, etc.

Types of bedroom furniture

There are different types of bedroom furniture available at United Furniture Dubai for bedroom sets that can be purchased based on personal preference or theme. Modern, contemporary, French, Georgian, Italian, modern, Japanese, Moroccan, Persian, Spanish, and Victorian styles are some of the popular designs when it comes to bedroom furniture. There is also the traditional bedroom furniture that comes from different countries such as China, Korea, Thailand, or the Philippines. Based on the material used to make the bed, the style of the furniture can also vary. For example, there are dressers that are made of wrought iron or metal with wood accents.


In choosing bedroom furniture, most people tend to purchase either the bed and nightstand or just the nightstand. But sometimes the combination of both the bed and the nightstand is more convenient especially when there are limited spaces or just aesthetics. However, both the bed and the nightstand are essential to the bedroom furnishing as they are the main furniture pieces. The bed is a multi-purpose piece of furniture that provides sleeping space for your children, couples, or friends who are staying over, as well as providing you with a resting area during the day for when you want to read or do some work. The bed is the most basic furniture piece and should be the focal point of your bedroom.

Furniture set

Next, we have the bedroom furniture set. A bedroom set usually contains the nightstand or dresser along with another small furnishing like the chest of drawers or a dressing mirror. There are actually a lot of choices when it comes to choosing bedroom furniture sets. You could go with a basic bedroom furniture set which only has the necessary furniture but nothing too fancy or elaborate like in the case of the en suite bedroom furniture where you get the bed and the mattress and the decorative pieces like the nightstand.


Aside from the bed, the other bedroom furniture that you need is the mattress. It is important that you get the right size mattress since the wrong sized mattress will not only give you a difficult sleep but will also be a waste of money since you will have to buy another one. Your mattress also plays an important role in your comfort and sleep as well as the health of your back. Choosing the right size of the mattress will also help you in the maintenance of the mattress and prolong its life.


After the mattress, the next piece of bedroom furniture that you need is the dressers. The dressers can play the role of both chests of drawers and nightstands. They are important in ensuring that you have space in your bedroom and they also help in organizing your things. When choosing your bedroom furniture sets, make sure that you choose bedroom dressers that are made of sturdy materials that will last for many years.

Guest bedroom set

Guest bedroom sets are also important pieces of bedroom furniture. This is because your guest would be sharing your bedroom. Thus, it would be best if you get bedroom sets that are attractive and chic. The good thing about guest bedroom sets is that you can easily change their appearance whenever you want to. If you don’t want the furniture to look very plain, you can always purchase accent pillows or you can even paint it so that it will have a more updated look.


As much as possible, you should get a set of bedroom furniture that is very well-designed. For instance, with upholstered dressers and desks, it is best if you get those with a leather finish. Leather upholstery provides you with the advantage of lasting long. Also, using leather in upholstery will allow you to control the temperature of the room just like what you have in your living room.

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