Is your schedule so tight that you can’t seem to spare some time to take care of the mess in your bedroom? Well, you aren’t the only one. Your bedroom is that one room in the house that gets turned upside down on a regular basis because of the number of activities that take place here. From sleeping, working and eating, to exercising, getting dressed and lazing around; we do it all, and more, in this safe haven we call our bedroom.

That brings us to the current state of yours; with all that you’ve got going on in there, it’s bound to be dirty and untidy. While no one wants to really live in a messy room, many individuals get used to it. If you’re one of them, the first red flag is the fact that a dirty bedroom can very well be affecting your health; secondly, living in a messy room can turn you into a slob, or make you appear to be one. Nevertheless, we DO understand that a busy schedule makes it difficult to clean up; hence, we’re going to share some awesome cleaning tips that help you get a lot done in a short amount of time!

Focus on One Task at a Time

Caroline, a Cleaning Expert at Simply Maid House Cleaning says ”You waste a lot of time and get very little done by jumping from one task to another (without completing the last one). For example, your dresser may be cluttered with a variety of personal belongings that need to be segregated and put in their respective places; however, some individuals may pick up one (different) item at a time and walk back and forth, putting each of them where they belong. Not only does this waste time, but energy as well!” So, work wisely and save time by completing one particular task before moving on to the next one.

Sort and Put Away Clothes Lying Around

Clothes are always a part of the mess in your room. In fact, they are generally the biggest contributor to messy bedrooms. In your own bedroom, some of the clothes lying around may need to be throw in the washer while others may have just been laundered; hence, you need to separate the clothes quickly and dump used, smelly ones in the hamper and begin folding or hanging the rest. Did you know there are shortcuts to folding your clothes quickly?

If you can master a technique like the one above, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can fold and store your clothes away!

Old Socks Make for Quick Dusting!

When you’ve got dust accumulating in your room, it’s bound to trigger one or more of the negative effects it has on your health. For this reason, a regular dusting of furniture in your bedroom is very important. Now, many individuals dread dusting and wish to get it over with as quickly as possible. Well, we’ve got a great way to dust quickly and efficiently with an old pair of socks! Simply dampen a sock, pull it over your hand and begin wiping furniture and other surfaces in your room.

This is a much quicker dusting method as opposed to using dust cloths. You may, however, need to rinse out the sock if it gets soiled too quickly or simply switch to the other sock. Remember, the more regularly you dust using the best dustbuster, the less time it will take next time around. Similarly, keeping your bedroom furniture clutter-free will allow you to dust quickly without being stalled.

Clear the Floor Before You Clean it

Whether you’re vacuuming or sweeping, it definitely helps to clear the floor before you begin. This won’t take much time and will allow you to clean much faster. Of course, we don’t mean moving all the furniture around, but rather stools/chairs, shoes, coat rack, bean bags and such. We also advise sweeping tiled or other types of flooring that don’t necessarily require a vacuum cleaner. This is because sweeping is straightforward and quicker because you can move the broom around with ease.

A vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, requires you to plug it in, lug it around and maneuver it in a way that isn’t always convenient. Nevertheless, if you’ve got carpeting, you’ve got no choice! As far as mopping or cleaning stains are concerned, it’s always quicker to spot clean by having a readymade cleaning solution in your cleaning supplies cabinet.

Well, there you have it! Your bedroom can actually be cleaned in under 15 minutes and, if done on a daily basis, can be maintained in less than 7 or 8 tops! Give it a try and you can kiss your messy bedroom goodbye!