What if you could cut off minutes or hours of the time you spend applying makeup daily? You get more time to prepare a tantalizing breakfast for your family or yourself. Or add the extra time to your sleep schedule and enjoy that deep sleep you crave. And what’s more, achieving this without sacrificing that a million bucks glam look. Wouldn’t that be awesome? But here is the catch. Beauty products have flooded the market. So, you may have a hard time to choose which best suits your needs. Here is a list of timesavers beauty treatments you can give a shot and enjoy the perks.

Keratin Treatment

Do you have that curly hair that freaks you out? Imagine a keratin treatment can smoothen and make that hair shine! The keratin elements will penetrate your hair follicle and inject keratin (an essential protein) into the hairy parts’ porous areas. What’s more, with this treatment, you have several options to choose from. You may select between Brazilian blowout, Goldwell kora silk, and Cezanne versions.

The Process

Your hairstylist will have to wash your hair. Then, you will relax for about half an hour to let the formula saturate each hair strand. Alternatively, your hairstylist may want to blow-dry your hair to speed up the maturation process. Afterward, your hairstylist can apply the treatment. However, your hairstylist may have to tweak the procedure a little bit depending on your hair needs. Besides, your hairstylist may decide to seal the treatment. As such, the hairstylist may use a flat iron on low to medium heat to achieve this.

Stay Safe

Some versions of keratin treatment release formaldehyde when heated. So, go for formaldehyde-free keratin treatments. And consequently, you will avoid the side effects of the formaldehyde.

Laser Hair Removal

This timesaver treatment saves you the shaving and waxing time. The laser emits pulses of highly concentrated light. This light destroys the hair. And this is thanks to the pigment in the follicles that absorb the light. You can count on this treatment to remove the unwanted hairs from your various body parts.

Greater Results

The results depend on your hair’s growth cycles. So, for great results, you will need more than one treatment session. You take one session to remove the hairs that are actively growing. Then you wait for the dormant hair follicles to be active. Thereafter, you have some more sessions to remove that grown hair.

The Reduction

You can expect 70-90% permanent hair reduction. Experts who provide laser hair removal in Fort Collins state that you will typically see these results after an average of 8 to 12 sessions. But the results may vary from person to person. Besides, different body parts show different results.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extension outperforms mascara. So, with this treatment, expect a fuller look. An eyelash extension will enhance the length and thickness of your natural lashes. What’s more, there are many types of treatment available at your disposal. You can choose silk, mink, synthetic or human hair.


Eyelash extensions may damage your natural lashes. But you can avoid such damages by settling for a reputable salon. The whole process of eyelash extension needs extra-caution. If the glue gets into your eye, you may end up having eyelid lips. This and other risks are what a reputable salon will help you avoid.

Greater Results

An expert technician will be able to hand-glue the extensions on your natural lashes. Moreover, he/she will do the task using the beauty industry’s best and safest practices. More importantly, go for eyelash extension treatments that use formaldehyde-free glues. As such, you won’t suffer from the side effects of formaldehyde. What’s more, avoid long shipments of adhesives. Such glues end up having formaldehyde, which built up as the glue was being shipped.

Wrapping it Up

With these timesaver beauty treatments, you can cut off at least some hours you could have been using on the time-consuming beauty treatments. More importantly, do your research before trying out these treatments. Find a reputable beauty treatment service provider. As such, you will be able to get the results that you crave. Moreover, you will have avoided the side effects that may arise from bad treatment procedures.