Beach Wall Art

What was your first day at the beach like? I bet your experience was an unforgettable relishing delight! You craved to have more of such a fantastic experience. Here are some ideas you need to keep that experience permanently etched on your wall.

The people you met.


You must have met the ice cream man, or the tan product seller, the booth owner, or just anybody doing one business or the other.

A lot of them with funny looks and eye wears that transfixes your eyes on them for some moment.

They must have also beckoned to you to come and patronize them with inviting smiles and seductive eyes which you might have fallen for.

I doubt if you would forget your first ice cream at the beach that day or the first booth you took a rest after a thrilling dive into the blue waters! You are likely not to also forget the lifeguard who gave you some tips on how not to get drawn while at sea even on your swimsuit.

The memory of the face of the visitors, holiday lovers quickly jumping into the shallow areas of the sea and that of the pros who go farther inshore is still firmly etched in your mind.

Maybe on your first day you were a bit afraid and did not take off your shirt to swim but just played at the fringes, weakened waves of water to only splash your tiny feet. Or you were even bold enough to take off your shirt and take a dive into the waters.

I am sure you really had great fun that day. This experience should not be allowed to be washed down the drain of oblivion.

You should curate them into an attractive artistic collection and hang them on your wall. Where else would you get such eclectic artists to assist you in doing this except Elephant Stock? You can as well look through the Elephant Stock photo gallery for archetypical wall art of your experience with the people you came across on your visit to the beach. Good luck!

The objects you saw


Another interesting idea is to curate the objects that you came across while at the beach. As the beach itself is another “planet” of diverse sea creatures.

Some of these creatures sometimes stray to the shores and you might sight them if you get lucky! Some of these alluring creatures can be found at the seashores and they range from the tiniest to those that may be more than a pound! Seashells, cuttlefish bones, jellyfish, seaweed, starfish, eggs, and egg cases are sometimes found on the seashore.

However, it is not unusual to sight dolphins, seagulls, porpoises, and even whales close to the shore! Curating your experience of these sea creatures in form of wall art to hang in your home is certainly a great idea. Elephant Stock provides you with more than enough of these marine life wall art. Check it out.

The ocean is another world of its own. Your first experience in a different world should not be washed down the drain of oblivion. Elephant Stock has more than enough wall art to aid you in curating this experience.