There comes a time in everyone’s life when we all feel low and pass through difficult times. To cope with the situation, some tries to relax through traveling, some talk to their loved ones, some prays to the almighty and so on.

The one common thing that prevails amongst all is the ‘hope’ that keeps them going through the difficult times and that is enough to make then believe that bad times always pass by no matter how dark it is.

But sometimes, people do not get the support from the society or even their near ones when they face certain difficulties in their lives. That is when they succumb to the bad phase and slip into depression. The art of healthy living includes the wellbeing of our body and mind both, thus to remain strong in such situations we must practice a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t be self-obsessed always; lend some help to others as well:

The reason behind been good to others must not be intended to get an appraisal from people and getting some favor in return from them. When you really want to help someone, which must be done selflessly and in a way that even the ones close to you don’t get a hint that what you are up to.

Nowadays people have become very selfish; call it to need of the hour or the current lifestyle that they are part of, the feelings inside them has withered away long ago. Still, there are some who generously try to be someone’s hope in their bad times, considering the fact that they would at least feel better, even if the problem is not totally solved by them.

This can be considered as one of the most respected habits of healthy living because when you become the reason for someone’s happiness, the universe automatically returns it back to you in even a greater form.

Do not taunt or abuse people in their bad times:

There can be hardly anyone in this world that has not seen bad times, be it in terms of personal life problems, work-life issues or monetary crisis, we all go through bad phases in our lives.

When we suffer such situations, we realize that we need to be generous towards others too when they face any such situations. Till then a majority of the people tend to criticize or abuse the ones who fall prey to unscrupulous circumstances. Maybe sometimes we taunt them with pure intentions or jokingly, but we do not realize that even the smallest of instigations can hurt their feelings to a maximum extent.

Thus, we all must be careful when dealing with people who are having a rough time in their life; if at all it helps them in overcoming the situation.


Hope is the only thing that gets all of us going through tough times when there seems no help at all. How good it can be if we are the reason for such hope to each other rather than making life difficult for them!

We must not take advantage of people in their bad times; rather we should support them in every means possible, so that it helps them to face the worst situations positively rather than breaking down.

The habits of healthy people include wellness of not only your own self but also being part of a healthy surrounding. And for that to happen, people must do the needful to maintain a healthy environment around them. When you become the reason of hope for someone else, it comes back to you in many other ways that you don’t even imagine.