In recent years, vaping has been used by thousands as a means of kicking their smoking habit. It allows you to have your nicotine fix while gradually making you less reliant. Studies have found that it is a more efficient quitting method than going cold turkey and using nicotine patches. This is obviously why many people choose to start vaping. But many have also started vaping as a hobby, where they can upgrade their devices and try new e-liquid flavors. It’s something you can do alone or enjoy with friends which appeals to a wide audience. But unfortunately, as their popularity has grown, so has the rise in people becoming ill and injured by their vaporizers. These are primarily caused hazardous products being sold and incorrect usage. While vaporizers are generally safe and easy to use, they can be dangerous to your health, home and family. So to stay safe when you vape here is some expert safety advice and suggestions you should follow.

Buy from reputable suppliers

This might seem like obvious safety advice, but it’s something that many vapers fail to do. We are all guilty of loving a bargain, and a way of saving money is always enticing. But cheap and lower quality vaporizers and e-liquids are not always such good value for money. With so many e-liquid and vaporizer suppliers selling online and in store, there are thousands of companies you could buy from. But not all of them will be selling products that have been thoroughly tested and created without the right equipment or protocols. This increases the risk of contaminations, malfunctions and manufacturers using unsuitable ingredients. Harmful substances such as acetoin and diacetyl continue to be used in some e-liquids, despite their severe effects. The irreversible lung disease, popcorn lung and vaping have been strongly linked. Primarily through the use of diacetyl in some e-liquid products. A lot of the time vapers are completely unaware they are consuming these substances only to suffer the consequences later on.

It’s crucial that you do research into suppliers and manufacturers before buying their products. This will help you vape in confidence, knowing that your health and safety won’t be at such a high risk. Customer reviews can be insightful and can help you avoid untrustworthy sellers and manufacturers. Look for safety labels and evidence that the products have been tested. This should be easy to find on the packaging and on the website where they are being sold. In addition to this, try to find out how and where they have been made too. You can also start checking the ingredients list to ensure you buy e-liquids that don’t include harmful substances. If you are ever unsure, always ask the staff or contact the manufacturer directly. If they aren’t able to provide this information, always walk away.

A reputable supplier should always talk you through healthy and safety protocol before selling you a device. If in store, ask them to demonstrate how to use the device and set it up correctly. They should be able to do this easily and answer any questions you have will full confidence. Again, if they are unable to, never buy from them.


Stay hydrated

One of the major health concerns faced by vapers is surprisingly dehydration. This occurs when your body doesn’t receive enough moisture and fluids. Our bodies use water in multiple ways from flushing out toxins to keeping our eyes and joints lubricated. So when our fluid levels reduce, it can stop our bodies working as effectively as they should. Vaping has been found to cause dehydration by removing moisture through your mouth. This can make it feel dry and uncomfortable to swallow. If you’ve experienced this before, it’s a surefire sign that your body is already losing too much moisture. Other side effects of dehydration include lightheadedness, tiredness, and strong smelling urine. While these symptoms can usually be reversed by consuming liquids, they can become more severe if left untreated. This can force you to take time off work, and you may even end up in hospital. So if you start to experience any of these symptoms routinely, make sure you see your doctor as soon as possible.

The best want to ensure you don’t get too dehydrated is by drinking plenty of liquids. Every time you vape, make sure you have access to a refreshing drink. Water will give you the most hydration, but fruit juice can also help. Invest in a bottle that you can fill up and carry in your bag, when you are not at home. You should be ideally drinking eight glasses of water per day. So do your best to reach this target, stay hydrated and continue safely enjoying your vaping hobby.


Beware of overheating

It’s not uncommon for your vaporizer to get warm when you use it on a regular basis. But it gets too hot to hold; this should be a cause for concern, and you should stop using it immediately. This is a sign that your battery is working too hard and when this happens venting can occur. This is when the heat affects the batteries chemicals so much that they stay producing gasses. If these gases are not removed, they can cause a fire or an explosion. Both of which can cause severe injury, particularly if you are using the device at the time. This is why it is so crucial always to buy a quality device that has sufficient ventilation. Not only to cool it down, but to remove these gasses and to prevent venting from occurring. If you enjoy customizing your device, always ensure that your ventilation is not covered to maximum effect.

If your vaporizer continues to feel warm, never attempt to use or fix it yourself. You should also never throw away faulty batteries as this too can cause a fire. Return the device to the manufacturer for a professional repair or to get a suitable replacement. They should also be able to dispose and recycle your batteries. An overworked batter can happen for a number of reasons, and it might only need a simple adjustment. It’s also important not to leave your device unattended when it’s charging as this too can cause venting. Make sure you use the right charger for your vaporizer and avoid cheap alternatives. Remember to only charge your vaporizer when it needs it.

Direct heat from the sun can also cause your vaporizer to overheat. Unlike venting which is caused by internal heating, the sun can cause the battery to heat externally. This will drain its battery and prevents it from working correctly. But it can also result in fires and explosions that cause damage and injury to you, your family and your property. Read the instructions that came with your vaporizer and look for the recommended storage temperature. Also make sure that you don’t leave it outside or in your car for extended periods, particularly during the summer months.


Keep out of reach of children

If you’re a parent, you know just how inquisitive your children can be. If there is something that looks shiny or fun, they will undoubtedly want to see what it is. Children are also natural mimics and will copy the behavior of their parents. This combination can be dangerous when vaporizers and e-liquids are concerned. If your kids see how much fun you are having when you vape, they might be inclined to try it themselves. Leaving your vaping kit where they can access it makes it easy for them to do this. Using the vaporizer can make them extremely unwell and cause nausea and coughing. This is why it’s so crucial to hide this item from your kids and store it somewhere they cannot reach. Explain to them that they are only for adults and try to vape when they aren’t around if possible.

Your e-liquids should also not be left anywhere for your children to access. Their scent and colorful packaging can mistake children into thinking they are sweets and drinks. Particularly young children who explore the world by taste. E-liquid poisoning has seen a rise in recent years and can easily result in fatalities. This is understandably the last thing you want to happen to your child or relative. So use this as motivation to stop being careless with these products. Always make sure the caps are tightly screwed on and are not left on low surfaces. As well as keeping your vaping kit out of reach of your kids, also make sure your pets can’t access them too.

As you can see, there are a number of things that could go wrong when you use your vaporizer. So it’s crucial that you do whatever it takes to use them safely and follow their guidelines closely. This guide is by no means trying to encourage you to stop vaping or go back to smoking cigarettes. It is, however, giving you valuable information that can make your vaping experience safer and more enjoyable. Not only to protect you but your friends and family too.