Buying a new vacuum cleaner probably seems like an easy job, but after you start to discover all the options, brands, accessories, and features, the procedure can easily become overwhelming. Today’s market has a wide range of vacuum cleaners.

Both bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners are popular in the market with their own set of pros and cons. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of both bagged and bagless vacuum cleaners. It is up to you to choose whether you need a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner. specially, vacuum size matters whenever trying to clean your stairs with vacuum. so, this comparison article will help your quest for the best vacuum for stairs.

1. Bagged Vacuum Cleaner:

This particular machine has a traditional design Since, the vacuum cleaner was invented it had the ability to keep the dirt, debris and possible allergens securely inside a bag.And it is popular for its hygienic options. The following we will discuss the pros and cons of bagged vacuum cleaner.

  • Pros:

1. Hygienic: We all know how hygienic they are .this is because of many reasons. Along the years of evolution of technology, it helped keep the dirt,debris and possible allergens securely inside the bag.

2. Highly recommended for allergy patients: These vacuum cleaners are recommended for the allergy sufferers. The bag is designed as a great filter. And it is extremely effective for trapping dust, debris and other allergens inside the bag. These bags are air tight.

3. HEPA filtration system: With the help of HEPA filters, harmful contaminants get easily trapped.Makes your house Dirt-free in a jiffy! It is highly recommended for everyone.

4. Easy maintenance: In most cases, it requires very less maintenance. There are many reasons for this but mainly it is for the bags can hold up to 2LBS of debris so that you don’t have to change it more often. And also because the filter is built into the bag directly So it needs no cleaning.

  • Cons:

1. Without a bag it is useless: One of the major disadvantages of buying a bagged vacuum cleaner is its regular change of bags. Depending on the model you buy, it will vary on the prices such as under 300 dollars.
2. Decreased performance as the bag fills: The other disadvantages of bagged vacuum cleaner are even if your bag is not full their performance starts to decrease.

2. Bagless Vacuum Cleaners:

A bagless vacuum cleaner is a tool you need to have a modern living. It is easy to use. And has many more features. We will discuss the pros and cons by the following points below.

  • Pros:

1. Less Expnsive: Bagless vacuum cleaners are less expensive after the purchase of your appliance. It is less expensive to operate and maintain than its bagged counterpart.

2. Easily detectable when full: Most of the bagless vacuum cleaners has clear chambers. Which can be easily detected whether the chamber is full or not.

3. Eco-friendly option: Bagless vacuum cleaners areeco-friendlier than the bagged ones.

4. Popular option: One of the most popular options for a modern living. This is because there is no need to replace bags frequently.

  • Cons:

1. Increased Exposure to Contaminants: While cleaning the chamber the user has a chance to get in contact with the allergens:

2. More hands on: This is a bit informal, as it likely won’t have an effect on many. Some people think this type of vacuum cleaners are dirty and need more maintenance.

It is up to you whether you need a bagged or bagless. Sincerely choose the right one for you keeping every aspect of a bagged or a bagless vacuum cleaner in mind. I hope this article comes in handy.