If you want to enjoy some of the finest aspects of resort living without having to travel to some faraway destination, you can create your own mini paradise at home. You can make your backyard into your own private resort that you can retreat to whenever you need to escape from stress and other problems. Here are a few great ways to transform your basic backyard into a personal mini resort.

Install a Fountain

An outdoor fountain in your backyard can make you feel as though you are spending a holiday at a luxurious resort. You can either go out and buy an inexpensive fountain or make your own using a few stones and a water pump. According to a Live Science report, the sound of running water can elicit feelings of calmness and promote better sleep, so installing a fountain may be a worthwhile investment. This would also be a good way to draw in some of nature’s wildlife, such as birds.

Include a Fire Pit

Some of the best fire pits on the market do not take up a lot of space and can be safely lit to provide additional warmth on cold nights. You can sit outdoors next to your fire pit and relax as you feel the soothing affect from the warmth of the burning fire. A fire pit can also give your backyard an extra touch of sophistication when you invite guests over for outdoor gatherings. Although some people do use portable fire pits that can be taken down and put away, you may want to consider having one made out of stone or cinder blocks installed and have it be more permanent. Doing so will help create a permanent social setting that your family will love to hang out at.

Have a Deck Built

Having a new deck professionally built can make your backyard more functional and look more modern and elegant. This will be especially so if you have it built by professionals who specialize in making decks more durable that the average time, like those at Facelift For Homes. You will be able to sit out on your new deck and relax in a peaceful setting. You can choose from merbau, spotted gum or other deck styles that will go best with the layout of your property and add to the aesthetic appeal.

Install Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has several advantages over real grass. It stays green throughout the entire year and doesn’t need to be watered or mowed to maintain its fresh appearance. You also won’t have to worry about weeds growing in your lawn and taking away from the quality of your mini resort. The artificial grass that you put in your backyard can even simulate the experience of living on your own golf course.

Creating a mini resort out of your backyard can be easily done by making a few simple changes. After you have finished designing your personal oasis, you will be able to relax in a tranquil setting and entertain outdoors without having to set foot off your property.